Chris Hemsworth’s Son Wows Daddy Fans With ‘Hawkeye’ Style Bow And Arrow

For a decade it is impossible not to think of Chris Hemsworth without imagining his character from Avengers,Thor. His children were born in a universe where their father is not only a superhero, but they live with others on the recording sets, the dream of every boy! But the thing goes further to India Rose (9) and the twins Sasha Y Tristan (7), because they have a father full of imagination and willing to have fun at any time and with any challenge. And the proof is the video starring one of his sons, where he became a target shooting while the little one demonstrated his skills with the arrow and bow in the style of another Avenger, Hawkeye.

Stopping to stop the camera and very focused, the actor waited for his son to perform the feat that has the world gone crazy. The boy, aiming clear, fired his arrow at a bottle of water cleverly placed on the actor’s head. Father and son couldn’t help but smile when the arrow dropped the bottle, a shot they practiced for a long time.

“Don’t try this at home,” Chris cautions to his younger fans who might be impressed and mimic the video in a more risky way. “It took us 63 hits to the back of the head before we did it,” he added. Of course, “it was worth it.”

Chris continued his disclaimer: “This feat was done by a lunatic couple with total disregard for their safety,” adding the hashtag “father-son bond.” To make it clear that there was no risk, he reported that the arrow is made of rubber.

The Hemsworth children, fans of superheroes

Although the video is surprising, this is not the first time that Chris shows how much his children enjoy the world of superheroes. Last April, one of the twins was a guest on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder And he didn’t hesitate to put on his daddy’s cape and pose for his mom’s camera, Elsa Pataki.

Chris Hemsworth and his son on the set of Thor©@elsapatakyconfidential

“My A-team,” Elsa wrote alongside an incredible photo of her muscular husband and the very into character little boy. In addition to them, Luke Zocchi, Chris’s personal trainer, and Bobby Holland Hanton, his stuntman; They posed for the actress’s camera, who delightedly captured the beautiful and rough moment.

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Chris Hemsworth’s Son Wows Daddy Fans With ‘Hawkeye’ Style Bow And Arrow