Chris Hemsworth’s giant arm to play the new Thor

  • Chris Hemsworth boasts of triceps and giant arm in the filming of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, that hurries his last days of recording
  • And watch out for his son’s response when the Australian actor asks him about his favorite superhero …
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    What Chris Hemsworth prepares conscientiously for each of his roles in the cinema we already knew, but his training to Thor: Love and Thunder it was just brutal. And just take a look at his gigantic arm, which he has shown once again in a post on his instagram account. In a new photo, the Australian actor appears hand in hand with his son and showing off wild triceps.

    “Taking the hand of my little man and asking him the old question: what do you want to be when you grow up? And he answered me:” Dad, I want to be Superman “. Luckily I have two other children,” Hemsworth joked in the text. And it is that when choosing a comic superhero, it seems that the little one prefers the hero with the cape instead of the hero with the hammer …

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    As for what’s new in Thor, filming is nearing completion and the premiere is scheduled for next year. But this is not the only movie the actor is working on. Also, we will see it in Escape From Spiderhead, in the series What If …? and has yet to record Furious a biopic about Hulk Hogan for Netflix and Extraction 2.

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