Chris Hemsworth triumphs in Prime Video with unrelated Marvel movie

Marvel has a wide variety of players to their name. With its endless number of films, many performers have passed through the studio to bring some iconic characters to life. Among them is Chris Hemsworth who for several years has been the one who personifies Thor, the god of thunder and, despite the passage of time, is still one of the most important in the franchise.

In fact, as long as The Avengers came to an end, Chris Hemsworth will continue to work with Marvel. This is because, next year, it will premiere Thor: Love and Thunder, a film which is in production and which will take place five months after the events of End of Game. However, in the upcoming project there is a way for fans to appreciate the actor’s talent.

It’s that besides being a successful member of the MCU, Hemsworth has also been involved in various productions and one of them is available on Prime Video. It is Men in Black MIB International, which originally premiered in 2019 and encompasses both action and sci-fi in nearly two hours of feature film where the protagonist embarks on a unique mission.

« In this Men in Black adventure, agents M and H must discover an insider at the agency“, Sums up Prime Video about this film. In it, Chris plays Agent H, a man who has a God complex and doesn’t care about his homework because he manages to keep his job because a coworker covers him. That is to say that in addition to giving his character an air of adventurer, the actor dazzles by the histrionic that characterizes him.

Without a doubt, with MY B, Chris Hemsworth He once again demonstrates his versatility by giving life to a man who changes his personality so easily. On the other hand, Tessa Thompson’s performance as Molly is worthy of admiration and, the truth is that between the two they are a pair that makes the film receive all the applause.

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Chris Hemsworth triumphs in Prime Video with unrelated Marvel movie