Chris Hemsworth: the actor in search of eternal life in “Without Limits”, a documentary series directed by Darren Aronofsky

Chris Hemsworth will be the hero in November of “Sans Limites”, a National Geographic documentary series in which the Australian actor pushes the limits of the human body.

Armed with Thor’s hammer, he faced superpowered foes. In the “Without Limits” series, which will be broadcast on Disney+ from November 16, Chris Hemsworth tackles something more formidable this time: the passage of time.

The actor has teamed up with director Darren Aronofsky to try to discover what could, if not destroy, at the very least slow down the process of human aging. Produced by Darren Aronofsky (Oscar-winning director of Black Swan and The Whale) for Protozoa, Jane Root for Nutopia, and Chris Hemsworth and Ben Grayson for Wild State, “Without Limits” is “a scientific adventure, coupled with a very personal quest , during which Chris will face a series of physical and mental challenges, developed by specialists, scientists and medical greats, to shed light on different aspects of aging,” explains the platform.

The trailer features Chris Hemsworth alongside world-renowned experts as he faces six dangerous tests in order to unlock the secrets of longevity. A 250-meter swim in a 2°C arctic fjord, the ascent of a 30-meter rope suspended above a canyon and a tightrope walker’s performance along a crane at the top of a skyscraper. 80-story sky, are some of the spectacular challenges he set himself.

Less impressive on paper, but no less extreme, the actor also spent three days in a retirement home where all the paraphernalia designed to feel the effects of the aging of the body made his daily life more difficult.

The fear of death

“It was one extreme after another — a series of science experiments where I was the guinea pig,” Chris Hemsworth told EW. “I gained a great understanding of the incredible possibilities of the human body and mind, and the potential that we all have,” he added.

“There’s this very normal human fear of death that’s kind of become a big topic of conversation in the culture right now,” director Darren Aronofsky said. “Mainly because baby boomers are getting older and suddenly a lot of resources are being invested in the science of longevity. All the biggest tech companies all have departments that care about it.”

The director cites his 2006 film ‘The Fountain’ as an example of his lifelong fascination with the subject. “There was this idea in ‘The Fountain’, which is: ‘Death is a disease, and I will cure it’”, continued to explain the director, always according to the comments taken up by EW. “I remember when that idea was in the movie, I debated if it was just too crazy a line to stay in the movie and [si] people would think that was ridiculous. Now it seems a lot of people are taking it seriously.”

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Chris Hemsworth: the actor in search of eternal life in “Without Limits”, a documentary series directed by Darren Aronofsky