Chris Hemsworth reveals if he will return to Star Trek

Actor Chris Hemsworth is Thor in Marvel, but he also participated in Star Trek and now reveals if he would like to return.

Chris Hemsworth played George Kirk in the movie star trek 2009 in a brief but intense scene when he was an unknown actor to the general public. Now, he is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although, he is totally willing to return to the space saga.

George Kirk was an officer of the USS Kelvin and when Nero (Eric Bana) attacked the ship, he decided to stay behind to ensure that the crew and his wife and newborn son, James T. Kirk, could escape. This is how the movie begins star trek of JJ Abrams and since then we have not seen the character again, but it was rumored that they would make a delivery with temporary trips and father and son would meet with a similar age. What it means to join Chris Hemsworth Already Chris Pinesomething that would certainly be spectacular.

Now the actor reveals that if there is a way to do it, he is willing:

“There was talk of me doing the movie with Chris Pine at one point. The script was kind of worked out and then it fell apart. If JJ Abrams called me tomorrow and said: Chris Pine and I want to do it, I would probably say: Yes, go for it!

Chris Hemsworth also revealed that he auditioned to be the lead in star trekbut did not get the role:

“I was called into JJ Abrams’ office. There was no info on what it was for, I knew it was for Star Trek but didn’t know what character or anything. And it was basically based on an audition I had for the lead role that Chris Pine had played twelve months earlier… So he came in and he handed me the script and I just read the scene, and I did something right. I remember not really understanding what it was potentially a part of, which was a good thing. Had I known it was going to be the Star Trek relaunch and it would become the movie that it became, I’m sure I would have been a lot more intimidated but I had auditioned on a Friday and then was shooting on Monday, there was no a long time to process what it was.”

It must be recognized that Chris Hemsworth he had a small role but his work was incredible and that earned him to be Thor in Marvela much-loved character who will premiere the fourth installment.

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Chris Hemsworth reveals if he will return to Star Trek