Chris Hemsworth is in ridiculous shape ahead of ripping 2

When Chris Hemsworth shoots for an upcoming action-packed film, it’s probably best to assume he’s going to be shredded and filmed for the Extraction the following is no exception. Watch his workout regimen here:

Brother Hemmy, 38, shared a few snippets of his routine which has gone from “heavy weight training” to more movements that specifically focus on “agility, strength and speed”.

Speaking to Instagram, he wrote: “Getting ready for @netflix Extraction following. Go from heavy weight training to a lot more functional bodyweight movements with a focus on agility, strength and speed. Try this little exercise and let the lungs cry for mercy! “

He then listed the exercises which include:

  • 3-minute boxing round (cardio)
  • 50 squats (lower body)
  • 40 seated (mobility)
  • 20 repetitions for each exercise (basic)
  • 25 push-ups (upper body)
  • Rest 2 minutes 4 sets in total

Just think about doing it four times, thanks.

Credit: Instagram / chrishemsworth

Filming for the second installment is set to begin this fall following the success of the first film, which quickly became Netflix’s most-watched original film.

Speaking on a 2020 panel at the CCXP Brazilian comic convention, writer Joe Russo said, “The intention is to start turning the cameras on. Extraction 2 next fall.

Chris [Hemsworth] is a busy guy so we have to figure out his schedule but that’s the intention for now. “

Not giving too much, Joe – who is half the famous Russo Brothers – continued, “I’m still not going to commit because I think it’s more exciting to surprise people.

“But I’ll say this: We’re working on building a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first film and new characters, and see more historical interactions between the characters.

“So if you’re interested in the character of David Harbor, you might be able to see him in the future.” Extraction film. »

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Chris – who plays Tyler Rake in the action flick – also teased that he’d be happy to do “another couple” of follow-ups.

Making the revelation by winning a People’s Choice Award for Action Movie Star of 2020, he said, “We wanted to make a film that was different, unique, thrilling, action-packed but one that pushed the boundaries. And I think we got there. None of this was possible without your support.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Credit: Netflix
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Credit: Netflix

“So I am forever indebted to you, I love you guys, you are the greatest…

“It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had on a set and we will try to create another couple more for you. ”

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