Chris Evans does have a girlfriend, she is famous and she is 16 years younger than him

After being considered the sexiest man in the worlda series of rumors began to circulate about the marital status of Chris Evans and everything indicates that the actor, 41, if he has a girlfriend.

According to People magazine, Evans has been dating the actress Alba Baptista “for more than a year and it is serious”, although there is a 16-year difference between the couple.

In addition, Baptista is said to have fitted very well into the world of the renowned actor. “Is it so in love and Chris had never been happier. Her family and friends love her”.

Alba’s most recent work is her leading role in the film ‘Mrs Harris Goes to Paris‘; however, it has other attributes because speak five languages and is the daughter of an engineer and a translator. Last year, she won the Shooting Star award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Chris Evans, the sexiest man in the world

It is not news that Chris Evans receive a host of accolades and accolades from fans, peers, and magazines like People, who named him the World’s Sexiest Man Alive. The news broke not only on the web, but also in Stephen Colbert’s interview series for the second time in a row.

The interpreter of Captain America in many of his films he was not the first Marvel actor to be recognized in this way. Previously, and until then in force, ‘sexiest man in the world’ was nothing more and nothing less than Paul Rudd which is part of the ‘The Avengers’ saga.

After said election, Evans was interviewed by People in a note in which he will be the cover and joked: “my mother will be happy. She’s proud of what I do, but this is something she can really brag about.”

The jokes that Chris Evans can receive

In the interview, he also hinted that with the nomination as the “sexiest man alive in the world” he will be the butt of jokes among his friends, as well as his co-stars.

“This is really going to be teased.” “It lends itself to bullying“, he pointed smiling.

The renowned magazine, in addition to telling the lives of celebrities, has been making this election since 1985 and the one chosen to be the first winner of that title was Mel Gibson.

The Hollywood actor joins a prestigious list of ‘the sexiest in the world’, which includes names like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, John Legend, Dwayne Johnson, Adam LevineDavid Beckham, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Brad Pittamong others.

In another excerpt from the interview, he expressed his future plans in his private life, the desire to marry and start a family“that is absolutely something I want”, but along the same lines he also stated that he has no intention of making public aspects of his personal life because “some things you want only for yourself, or only for my family and my friends”.

However, Evans showed his embarrassed side, admitting, “It’s hard to get interviewed about all of this. It feels like a weird form of lowly bragging.”

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Chris Evans does have a girlfriend, she is famous and she is 16 years younger than him