“Chloë Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress”: meet the team of Peripherals the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video

AlloCiné met part of the Peripheral team, the worlds of Flynne, a new SF series to discover every week on Prime Video.

What convinced you to be part of Peripheral devices ? Have you read William Gibson’s book?

Lisa Joy (the producer): When I read William Gibson’s book, I immediately understood that it had to be adapted into a series. He is so rich in ideas and visuals that it was not easy. I really hope that we will transport you to a future like you never imagined.

Chloe Grace Moretz : What an opportunity to put this shocking novel into images! It’s hard to refuse to work with Westworld’s Lisa Joy as a producer!

Jack Reynor : Gibson is the father of cyberpunk literature and that was enough to motivate me. I was also a fan of Lisa’s work on Westworld. All this contributed to my enthusiasm.

Vincenzo Natali (director): I had tried a long time ago to adapt the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson. It didn’t work out, but I sympathized with Gibson, who then sent me his Peripherals book. I immediately saw that it could become a series, more than a film, given the richness of the world described. I was working at that time with Lisa Joy on Westworld. I told her about it and she immediately agreed to participate. We then had the financial support of Amazon.

Julian Moore Cook : I was a big fan of the Westworld series. So I immediately accepted thanks to Lisa Joy. I didn’t know William Gibson but I was captivated by reading the script and I’m really happy with the result.

J. J. Feild : When I was approached with the idea of ​​joining Chloë Moretz in this series, I immediately signed my contract, without any hesitation. I was familiar with Gibson’s work, especially his novel Neuromancer. I love this futuristic vision he has of our humanity. It’s sometimes scary and it’s always fascinating.

T’Nia Miller : I was a big fan of Westworld and the work of Lisa Joy. It was therefore impossible not to say “yes” to this adventure. My character of Cherise is so fascinating and complex that it was an additional motivation. I hadn’t read the book but the script was enough to convince me of the richness and good timing of this series.

Why the choice of Chloë Moretz in the main role?

Lisa Joy: She was for us the truest and strongest actress we could have. She even let her southern accent run free. She radiates incredible energy and she’s a real gamer. We didn’t hesitate for a second when the idea came to us to choose it.

What are the themes covered, what is this series really about?

Lisa Joy: For me, it’s about finding “me”. Who are we really, what is the meaning of our life, finding our place in society. It’s so easy to get lost and never find yourself.

Chloe Grace Moretz: Despite this dark vision of the future described in our series, it is also a project that carries with it the hope of a better future. It’s interesting to see our protagonists using lessons from the future to change their present.

Jack Reynor: It’s a look at a dystopian future. This is what we can see in a lot of television series at the moment. It is certain that there is a certain darkness that emerges. What’s different about our show is this group of young people who will join forces to change that future for the better.

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Jack Reynor plays Chloë Grace Moretz’s brother

Vincenzo Natali: I think the book is kind of a satire of the society we live in. The timing is perfect as we can see this is a plausible view of what lies ahead. It is a series full of humanism that delivers the message of hope that we humans will find a way to survive in this restless and constantly changing world.

JJ Field: It’s like a mirror in which we can look at ourselves and see where we are and where we are going. The future is terrifying if it resembles the one imagined by Gibson. Despite everything, I believe that this series shows that we can get by if we know how to keep the sense of family, if we know how to help. If humanity manages to unite, then the future is assured to us!

Does the future scare you? Are we going to disappear into the metaverse?

Lisa Joy: I think today’s technology may seem scary but somehow we can’t stop the evolution of technology and this world called the “metaverse”. On the one hand I think it may seem scary but at the same time I want to believe that we will be able to adapt to this evolution. Right now we’re in a pretty uncomfortable transition period where social media, the metaverse, seems to be manipulating us and becoming toxic. It’s the irony of being “sociable” without really being so since we live by interposed screens. I think that over time we will manage to live in harmony with these technologies. I want to stay optimistic.

Jack Reynor: I have faith in the future. In particular, I hope that many things will be done to change the environment of our planet. Given the political and economic instability, I can understand the anguish of our youth who no longer know what to believe. Especially since the media are not there to reassure us. I hope that we will be able to find greater stability in order to move in a more positive and constructive direction.

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“Chloë Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress”: meet the team of Peripherals the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video