China Censored ‘Friends’ Reunion Removing Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, BTS – Deadline

Central Perk loves everything about it friends Meeting. It seems that the Chinese Central Committee is not doing that.

Appearances Lady GagaAnd the Justin Bieber And the K-pop group Bts It was removed from various versions of the streaming show on three Chinese video platforms on Thursday. Due to the different lengths of the clips taken, observers believe that the censorship likely occurred at the platform level.

Everyone excluded from family reunification has upset the government in the past.

Lady Gaga’s meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, caused friction, just as Bieber posted a photo of the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which honors the Japanese killed in the war, including war criminals.

BTS has been pestering the government with everything from their style to their failure to mention China’s sacrifices in the Korean War.

Missing elements in the duo included Lady Gaga with Lisa Kudrow Smelly catPhoebe’s enduring contribution to western culture. The BTS members’ memories of watching the show when they were young were also excluded, and Bieber’s appearance in the “Spudnik” costume.

The special show was popular in China, and some of the major Chinese cities set up cafes at the exhibition cafe, Central Berk.

“This is crazy, if you bring the show to China, don’t cut the scene. If you have to cut it, don’t. What’s the point of having this proprietary content? ”Wrote a fan on social media. . But more nationalist comrades supported the censorship.