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The Cannes Film Festival has just ended but the party continues for the mistress of ceremonies of this edition. Chiara Mastroianni blows out her 51 candles this Sunday, May 28. A moment that the star will probably celebrate with her children, but also her mother, the no less famous Catherine Deneuve.

Daughter of one of the greatest French stars and one of the greatest Italian actors, Chiara Mastroianni has, however, belatedly realized how famous his mother was and known all over the world. In 2022, Anna Biolay’s mother revealed to Madame Figaro the memory of her childhood when she realized the important notoriety of her mother : “Until the age of 12, I was educated in a Montessori institute in Paris, where no one cared who was who…she then recounted, explaining that seeing her mother in Donkey Skin where making the cover of magazines seemed to him “normal” since she did not know “that this universe”.

It’s finally thanks to a surprising shotthat Chiara Mastroianni understood the public importance of her mother: “A day, my mother came back from America with a photo of her with Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show, of which I was a huge fan. That day, I deduced that she must be someone very importantshe concluded with a laugh. Like what, in the eyes of Chiara Mastroianni as a child, Catherine Deneuve’s successes at the time were very different from those of the rest of the population!

© JACOVIDES-MOREAU / BESTIMAGEChiara Mastroianni at the “Eureka” photocall during the 76th Cannes International Film Festival, May 20, 2023.

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Chiara Mastroianni: a complex childhood, surrounded by two star parents

On his childhood not always easy with Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni, Chiara Mastroianni does not fail to confide during exchanges with the media. Last January, in the show As an asidethe ex-girlfriend of singer Benjamin Biolay had revealed for example having learned very young to deal with patience and waiting : “I am not contemplative by choice, I am contemplative by survival. […] I learned to deal with it very young, I’m not complaining […] when you have parents that you spend your time waiting for them to come home from filming, waiting on a set, waiting for me entered my life very early, without it being intellectualizedshe then confided.

Relations have no not always easy between Catherine Deneuve and her daughterbut they ended up harmonizing over the years, to the delight of both women.


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Chiara Mastroianni: this day when she understood that her mother Catherine Deneuve was a star – Gala