Cher turns 75 sharing the secrets of her eternal beauty

Cher has turned 75 without a single wrinkle and with a most youthful appearance. The scalpel is her best friend, but it is not the only thing that keeps her in tip-top shape. Other celebrities have opted for cosmetic operations, although not with as much good luck as the singer. Aesthetic medicine’s mission is to provide beauty, although always with a natural base. Cher adapts to the scalpel, chameleon and lover of sports and good food, for decades her songs have been played on the radio and her face remains the same thanks to these secrets that give it an eternal beauty.

These are the secrets of the eternal beauty of Cher who just turned 75 years old

John Grossman is the prestigious surgeon from Beverly Hills behind whose hands is Cher’s perfect face. It is no secret that the singer and actress is an unconditional fan of the work of this man and his team. She is the best client, a full-blown success of each of the operations carried out. Not a wrinkle, a perfect face and a finish that turns Cher into a woman of about 40-50 years, despite having turned 75.

Not everything is cosmetic operations, behind that face that after leaving the operating room must have some care hides a remarkable work. Cher has a home gym and personal trainer. At 75 he is able to exercise more than a 30-year-old woman. One of the big mistakes we make due to lack of time is to stop going to the gym or exercising regularly. Half an hour or a whole hour of intense exercise is enough to get the body of Cher, without the need for a personal trainer with a lot of willpower.

At age 70 Cher learned to surf. Do not focus only on a single physical exercise, it can be boring, experimenting and discovering new challenges is always a good option. The human being is in constant learning, having willpower and putting a zest for life is essential. Learn to surf, sign up for a jewelry or painting course, do what you’ve always wanted to do without barriers.

Cher doesn’t eat meat, cheese, or milk for decades. It is fed with fruits, vegetables and fish, without any dairy. This diet has helped him stay in shape and get a very well cared-for body. Food is very important, the singer also does not consume any sugar and very little salt.