June 9, 2021

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Cher turns 75: How was her romance with Tom Cruise?

1622460690 Cher turns 75 How was her romance with Tom Cruise

Cherilyn sarksian, or better known as Cher, turns 75 this May 20 and celebrates it as one of the most celebrated artists in the United States. In his extensive career he was characterized by his eccentric costumes, his influence on television in the 60s, foray into various musical genres and record his name in movies. But today here we will focus on a small stage of his life that includes Tom Cruise.

During the 80s, Cher and Cruise formed one of the most iconic couples in a short time, more precisely when the actor was just being born a Hollywood star. The great curiosity among them was how they met and how the connection that led them to be together for a year began.

In an interview to the magazine Event, the singer revealed it all: “A group of dyslexic people were invited to the White House, and Tom and I are dyslexic. We were meeting there for a long time and we discovered that there was a connection between us.”. As we mentioned, They were only there from 1985 to 1986, but years later she would reveal more of that intimacy.

Cher turns 75 How was her romance with Tom Cruise

During a talk on James Corden’s show, she confessed that Cruise was one of her five best lovers of all time, although he did not want to give more details out of respect for the Mission Impossible actor, who has not made too many references to his past, but he has described that affair as “very hot”.

Recently, a few hours before his birthday, Cher herself announced on her social networks that Universal Pictures is preparing a biographical film of her life, written by renowned screenwriter Oscar Eric Roth. There are many chapters of his life to adapt, but undoubtedly his fans hope that something of his relationship with Tom Cruise will appear.


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