Cher turns 75 and celebrates with a surprising announcement

The world of music is celebrating 75 years of Cher, one of the legends of pop. Cherilyn sarkisian -which is his first name- He managed to make his way into the music industry thanks to his artistic aptitudes, his extravagant looks and his eternal youth.

Born in California on May 20, 1946, Cher began her career in the company of her partner and later husband Sonny Bono, with whom he reached fame and commercial success with songs like: ‘Baby Don’t Go ‘,’ The Beat Goes On ‘and’ I Got You Babe ‘, the latter being considered by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 500 best songs of all time.

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After her split with Bono, Cher remained unstoppable and brought out her best. It was since 1977 when the goddess of pop began to do her solo ‘first steps’ and decided to completely change her style.

In addition to being recognized for her particular outfits, Cher also came to the movies to be an icon. In 1985 he received his first Oscar in the category best makeup and hairstyle thanks to its participation in ‘Mask’. Two years later, with ‘Moon spell’, was again deserving of the award but this time in the category a Best actress.

Since then, what happened from then on is history. Undoubtedly ‘Believe‘was the single that catapulted her to resounding success and positioned her among the best artists in popular music, so much so that with the rise of this song, robotic arrangements became popularly known as the “Cher effect”.

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At 75, Cher already has three behind her back Golden Globes, an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emy and many more recognitions.