Cher Scarlett, mobilizer of #AppleToo, resigns –

Cher Scarlett helped launch pay equity surveys at Apple. He also ran several campaigns against harassment / discrimination in the company. After helping launch the #AppleToo movement and filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against Apple, he leaves the iPhone maker.

Fight “Coercive and Repressive” Acts Against Apple Employees

In September, Scarlett filed a complaint with the NLRB. His complaint accuses Apple of “coercive and repressive activity.” Scarlett’s complaint notes that the tech giant’s actions encourage “abuse and harassment by organizers of protected concerted activities.”

Apple employees have been organizing to fight the toxicity and pay disparities faced by many underserved groups. Their efforts have unfortunately met with stiff resistance. Other employees who have fought the Cupertino-based company over these issues have faced retaliation. They have faced job reassignment, administrative leave, and an atmosphere of retaliation. Jannika Parrish was even fired, as was Ashley Gjovik. Apple accused both of leaking confidential information, but they never proved those accusations.

Scarlett was able to launch the only pay gap survey at Apple that really lasted. Apple insisted that organizers cease and desist from other efforts. Scarlett’s security mindset, intelligence, and perseverance led her to create an ironclad poll that Cupertino couldn’t so easily dismiss.

Improving Tech Careers for the Disadvantaged

Now the engineer has apparently struck a deal with Apple. Friday, November 19, is his last day at Apple, and he’s dismissing his complaint with NLRB against the tech giant. Scarlett has been looking for and applying for other jobs in the tech industry, but has decided to take a break while she decides where to go.

The first thing I learned is that technical interviews are improving. I told many recruiters early on that I was no longer willing to do any live coding or whiteboarding. Many places adjusted, or had already kicked him to the sidewalk. That is pretty amazing.


In the meantime, however, Scarlett is seeing positive changes in tech hiring practices. Many recruiters no longer use the tactics that used to block disadvantaged but highly skilled applicants. Scarlett “told a lot of recruiters that she was no longer willing to do any live or whiteboard coding.” He found that many of these recruiters were willing to adapt or had already stopped internships.

Cher Scarlett on a better tech hiring experience

Scarlett told me that live coding and whiteboarding can often separate people from marginalized groups despite their high level of skills.

I think it helps marginalized groups because these people generally have less access to the resources that set them up for success in performance-based interview styles like live coding and the whiteboard, and also they are often perceived more negatively by interviewers who are not marginalized when they perform poorly under those conditions.

People with less privilege also tend to have less time to spend studying for exam-type interviews and less room for possible rejection in long and grueling processes that can drag on for 4-6 weeks or more.

Even if the improvements for marginalized groups are not yet seen as clearly in the tech industry itself, it appears that the hiring process is improving.

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Cher Scarlett, mobilizer of #AppleToo, resigns –