Cher revealed why her intense romance with Val Kilmer ended in a great friendship

He was 22 years old. She, 35. He had not yet emerged as an actor. She was in her best decade as an actress, the eighties, although years later she would become known as one of the goddesses of pop. In 1982, Val Kilmer and Cher They were one of the most persecuted couples of the time and despite the fact that their close relationship continues to this day, that notorious romance barely lasted a couple of years. The reason for the break was now revealed by the singer herself in the magazine People, where he assures that that relationship made waters because they were both “alpha males”. “We had incredible moments and then we endured some moments in which they were not,” he says, while adding that the two were independent “individuals” and that neither was willing to give it up.

Forty years after the end of their relationship, the singer explains that she does not know how they managed to be friends, it just happened. “He is like no one else I have ever met,” he says. “It’s maddening and hysterical. Exciting and fun. And it does not do what others do, “he adds in the conversation, in which he also reels some of their secrets as a couple, such as, for example, that they called each other Sid and Ethel. “Val didn’t want to yell ‘Cher’, and I didn’t want to yell ‘Val.’ We also called each other Valus Maximus y Cherus Reprimandu”.

In the conversation, Cher herself delves into the beginnings of a relationship that began as a friendship, after the two met on one of the artist’s birthdays and laughed “constantly” at the same things. However, initially the age difference raised some doubts, despite the fact that in the end he saw it as an advantage.

“He took me to a Japanese performance of Macbeth and I was like ‘this guy is crazy, we’re not going to get along at all.’ He was so young. Was he 22 years old? How many did I have? I don’t know … Thirty-something. The truth is, if I hadn’t dated younger men, I would never have had a date. Younger men were not intimidated by older women, ”he reflects.

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The past of Val Kilmer, in “Top Gun”, and the present of the actor in the film “Val”. (Photos: Paramount Pictures – A24 / Amazon)

In her account of the years they spent together, the artist praises the actor, saying that he was very “good” with his two sons, Chaz and Elijah, the result of his marriages with Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman, in addition to listing its countless virtues. Remember, for example, that he spent one of the best New Year’s Eve of his life with him and She describes him as a “free spirit” with whom she fell “madly” in love.

During a tour of his show Citizen TwainIn 2014, Val Kilmer discovered that he had a lump in his throat. Years later, he confirmed that it was a cancer now already overcome, but it almost cost him his life and whose sequelae prevent him from speaking and eating solid food. At that difficult time in his life, Cher was precisely one of his greatest supporters, taking care of him at home for much of his convalescence.

Kilmer’s drama as a result of his illness was reflected in Val, a documentary about the life and career of the actor, now 61 years old, in which the interpreter shows your daily difficulties. A portrait that did not leave her ex-partner and friend indifferent. “I loved him and I love him. I just wrote to him, I said, ‘Valus Maximus, I’m sorry if I did something to make you angry or hurt your feelings. I love you and your documentary was all those things … I even love the things that made me angry, the things that made me hysterical, that amazed me, that hurt me. You are brave and more than brilliant. Ethel”.