Cher gives us a glimpse of her beautiful home in Malibu

Perched on the most perfect cliff in Malibu is an iconic home, owned by an even more iconic person: Cher. The Academy Award-winning singer, actress, activist, elephant savior, and extraordinary talent opens the doors to her beautiful home.

The house itself is another of his many achievements, and I have had the great honor (and undoubted pleasure) of help in their recent reincarnations. Today it’s a Zen sanctuary filled with museum-quality Asian art and custom-made furniture, but the story of this magnificent building begins long before I could even play within its walls.

Cher took years to discover the perfect location in Malibu, an idyllic place that he had driven through countless times, and that he bought in 1998. Then it took almost five years to transform this magical place, located high above the Pacific Ocean, into his forever home.

Reflecting his unique tastes and interest in architecture and design, the house grew out of years of collecting and travelling. He brought to the drawing board hundreds of pages ripped from innumerable magazines, and the design of the house refers to Venetian palaces, the great Renaissance villas of Europe and the Moorish influences of the Alhambra palace.

Builder Wallace Tutt III led the team to create this remarkable 15,000-square-foot mansion, situated to stretch from Point Dume to Santa Monica, along the coast and to Catalina Island. From sunrise to sunset, the huge windows offer stunning views. “Each room has two different views of the ocean,” says Cher. “This house wraps its arms around you.”

The best materials were used: limestone and marble imported from Italy and France, hand-forged bronze doors, and custom hardware and tiles from Spain and Morocco. An 18th-century Venetian marble balustrade was purchased from the collection of William Randolph Hearst at San Simeon.

Cher originally worked with longtime friend and designer Ron Wilson, and the house has been filled with his own personal touches from the start. About 16 years ago, I was given the opportunity to help update the residence and search for many new treasures. Working side-by-side, we redone all finishes in his signature style of opulent comfort, theatrical elegance, and a timeless color palette.

Talented artists painted the ceilings with oriental motifs, hand-painted the mirrors to create walls of reflective magic, and created romantic Moroccan-style lighting that warms the house. The bedroom walls and curtains, covered in raw silk, were stenciled with a mixture of tea leaves and coffee grounds mixed with amber-colored paint pigments to recreate the traditional designs of henna which were once painted on Cher’s hands during a wedding she attended in India. The Moroccan Mashrabiya wood panels that cover the private seating area were hand carved in Fez, Morocco: “My bedroom has been my sanctuary, my fortress, really my most special place,” says Cher.

The entertainment rooms are flooded with light and designed so that the impressive views through the windows are the protagonists of the space. From the spacious living room, the perspective seems to flow seamlessly across the pool—its infinity edge seems to brush against the windows—to the Pacific Ocean beyond. And when you sit in the living room, it feels like floating in a turquoise sea.

The strict regulations enacted in Malibu over the years would prevent the construction of a house of this magnitude today. And now, after 20 years, Cher is determined to create a new sanctuary. “This house has been one of the greatest passions of my life,” says the superstar. “I have enjoyed every moment of its creation and evolution, but now is the time to pass on this magic to others.”

Article originally published in AD US.
Translation and adaptation of Fernanda Toral.

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Cher gives us a glimpse of her beautiful home in Malibu