Cheap and no-obligation package: six exceptional promotions to grab this weekend!

Fancy a new mobile plan at a free price? You will always find your ideal package among the promotional offers of MVNO NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom and Cdiscount Mobile! From 5GB to 200GB from € 1.99 and without obligation, you will find them in detail in this article.

NRJ Mobile: 5GB and 150GB for less than € 10

At NRJ Mobile, you can opt for one or other of its mobile offers, on sale until September 14 included! These two inexpensive packages will allow you to communicate as you see fit thanks to unlimited, from mainland France as well as from EU countries and overseas departments.

The first offer offers you 5Go for an amount of 1.99 € per month for a whole year (instead of € 7.99)! Thus, you will benefit from 5GB in Metropolitan France, but also when you travel through the EU and the overseas departments.

NRJ Mobile 5Go package

The second concerns the 150GB package. The latter benefits from a monthly reduction of € 14 for the first year of subscription! You will therefore be able to have 150 GB of Internet in France, including 15Go during your stays within the EU and overseas departments, by paying 8.99 € per month for 1 year, then € 22.99.

NRJ Mobile 150GB plan

Auchan Telecom: 5GB for less than € 2

With Auchan Telecom, it is possible to enter a limited series benefiting from an advantageous rate also until September 14! With this inexpensive plan, you will be able to call and send your messages as much as you want from France, but also from abroad *.

This 5GB package is at the price of 1.99 € per month the first 12 months of subscription! Beyond that, you will pay the initial price again, namely € 7.99 each month. You will be able to enjoy the 5GB to connect from France as well as from European countries and the overseas departments.

* EU and DOM

Auchan Telecom 5GB plan

Cdiscount Mobile: 7GB for less than € 2 or 130GB and 200GB for less than € 10

Cdiscount Mobile, meanwhile, is also making three limited offers available until September 14 with 7GB, 130GB and 150GB internet at a reduced price for the first year of your mobile subscription!

The operator of course allows you to communicate without limiting yourself whether you are in France, Europe or the overseas departments. You will note that it integrates Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for your communications as well as for your internet connection.

Cdiscount 7GB plan

In terms of packages, you can choose the one providing you 7Go in France and abroad * for the sum of 2.99 € per month for 1 year – instead of € 7.99 – or those allowing you to have 130GB or 200GB in Metropolitan France, of which respectively 13GB and 15GB usable from Europe and the overseas departments, by pouring 7.99 € per month for 1 year – instead of 20.99 for the first and 9.99 € per month for 1 year – instead of 19.99 € for the second.

* DOM / EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Cdiscount 130Go and 200Go packages

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