Charenton du Cher: an animal park has just opened its doors

From the Gottingen pig to the bactrian camel, certain species will amaze you. The animal park of the Revert domain offers you domestic animals from all latitudes : from Africa (the mouflon of Cameroon) to the polar circle (the reindeer), via Asia. Christophe Churchill even took in some very young animals like this five-year-old dromedary: ” I present to you Caesar. His parents did not know how to take care of it. He was therefore given the bottle when he was three weeks old. We have animals that almost disappeared like the goat from Girgentana, in Sicily. They have horns that turn, like unicorns; they can measure up to fifty centimeters. Opposite is Raka’s sheep. Same thing, his horns are very impressive. He is originally from Hungary and has a fairly long coat. A very hardy species. We have zebus, dwarf yaks, camels, llamas. Thirty-five species in total. “

A baby Girgentana goat was born a few days ago. © Radio France
Michel benoit

A park that spans 20 hectares : ” We’ve always had animals. As a child, we had donkeys and goats. I continued. And then it got bigger. We reproduce for educational farms, other animal parks or even individuals who rediscover original domestic species. These are animals that do not require a certificate of capacity to keep them.

Alpacas, among the cutest and friendliest species
Alpacas, among the cutest and friendliest species © Radio France
Michel benoit

You will be able to see dwarf donkeys less than 80 cm at the withers, goats, sheep such as tuna sheep, alpacas … You will discover les watusis (the African cow). Christophe and his wife Pauline, have arranged everything themselves: ” We provide a shaded picnic area. I planted 200 trees in two years to provide shade and rocked about 1.5 km of path so visitors could walk around with strollers without difficulty. Other paths are grassed. It’s a lot of work. ”

The pig from Gottingen
The pig from Gottingen © Radio France
Michel benoit

Revert’s domain is open until November. There is construction until August 8, but you can take the detour that is in place, the park is one kilometer after this detour, and accessible.