Channing Tatum shows his spectacular physical transformation after gaining weight from the pandemic

Maintaining physical shape during the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for many since by spending more time at home you become more sedentary and it is easier to fall into the temptation to eat between meals and spend more time lying on the sofa.

Although these special circumstances that the population has suffered for more than a year has also caused many to start exercising and getting in shape.

In the case of Channing tatum has passed through these two states. As at the beginning of the pandemic decided to enjoy free time eating and drinking. But after a while within that routine of life and seeing that he had gained weight, he decided to change chip and put the batteries. So much so that now he is in one of his best physical moments.

This is what he himself confessed in his recent visit to the program ‘The Tonight Show’ to which he attended to present his first book for children, ‘The One and Only Sparkella’.

“For the first week or two, I was definitely drinking beers and riding dirt bikes, but I thought, ‘I can’t do this for two months. This is bad‘”Channing confessed to Jimmy Fallon.

“How much weight did you get from drinking beers and riding dirt bikes?” Fallon asks directly. “Quite fat. I’d say, you know, college 10, some nice ones 10 pounds. And then I took it off, “says Tatum, who would gain about 4.5 kilos.

For this reason, the actor with a friend began to exercise and “tried hard” to “to train every day“. The result is more than evident since you only have to see some of the last photos that he has uploaded to Instagram where he shows off heart attack muscles.

“It was great, I mean, I came out as a completely new person“, affirms the actor on his new state.

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