Channing Tatum Reveals His Biggest Secret: Who Taught Him to Dance


the actor of magic mike He is one of the best dancers in Hollywood. Apparently, the secret behind his great ability on the track has to do with his youth in Florida.

With Channing Tatum, The Lost City has just been released.©GettyWith Channing Tatum, The Lost City has just been released.

Few actors perform as well on the dance floor as figures like John Travolta or Sam Rockwell, who usually add a touch of dance to their characters. In this select group, there is nothing more and nothing less than channing tatumbecame famous as a dancer thanks to intensify and confirmed all his talent by the hand of the films of magic mikewhich later became live shows produced by him.

What few people may know is that the music world was tied to his career from the start. In his passage through the interviews that wired made from the most wanted questions by fans in Googlethe actor revealed that his first major work was in a music video for Ricky Martin. In “She Knocks”the actor briefly appears playing a bartender with his face painted as if he were a Mohican.

In a recent interview with james cordwhere he was also present Sandra Bullock since they were promoting their recent movie, the lost island, Tatum revealed the secret of his knowledge on the dance floor. The driver asked him when he realized he could move like he did, to which Tatum replied that it all came down to his instinct to “survival” in their hometown.

“He was the tall skinny white guy from Florida and he couldn’t dance with Hispanic girls at quinceañeras. I had to take a grandma and tell her, ‘You have to help me., he counted between the laughs. On the same note, Tatum He also pointed out that there is a particular fact that happens when he goes out with his friends: “Every time I go to a club, I swear, someone tries to beat me”he underlined in reference to those who consider themselves more talented than him and want to demonstrate it with dance steps.

Magic Mike releases a new movie

After two films, the first in 2012 and the second in 2015, it was confirmed that magic mike will have a third band. deadline confirmed at the end of November last year that Tatum I would come back to put myself in the place of Mike for a feature film to be released directly in hbo-max without going to the movies. The screenplay will be written by Caroline Reid and will be led by Steven Soderberghwho in dialogue with deadline declared: “As soon as I saw this channing, Reid and the team of choreographers from magic mike they did it with the live show, I said, ‘we have to do another movie’”. Salma Hayek has been confirmed as part of a casting call which it is unclear if it will feature returns from its well-known actors, such as John Manganiello or Matthew McConaughey.

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Channing Tatum Reveals His Biggest Secret: Who Taught Him to Dance