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For several years, Channing Tatum has not hidden his aversion to “GI Joe: The Awakening of Cobra”. The actor did everything not to appear in Stephen Sommers’ blockbuster, but was forced to participate for contractual reasons.

The comeback Channing Tatum

Extremely prolific during the previous decade since he has shot in 25 feature films between 2010 and 2017, Channing Tatum went on hiatus for almost five years, favoring animated films like Yeti & Company and The Lego Great Adventure 2. In 2022, the actor made his big comeback to the front of the stage with the adventure film The Secret of the Lost City and dramatic comedy dog.

It will soon be on view at Magic Mike’s Last Dancethe ultimate lap of the famous stripper Mike Lane orchestrated by Steven Soderbergh. A third opus in which the character will fall in love with Salma Hayek, with which he will rediscover a taste for the show and will embark on the organization of a show in London. For the promotion of the last part of the trilogy started in 2012, Channing Tatum recently gave a long interview to Vanity Fair.

GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra ©Paramount Pictures

An interview in which the actor notably confided want to take over the role of patrick swayze in a remake of Ghost. He also returned to one of the worst memories of his filmography, the blockbuster GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

The torture of GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra

During a passage through radio host Howard Stern’s show in 2015Channing Tatum had not masked his dislike of the blockbuster Stephen Sommers released in 2009:

Listen, I’ll be honest. I hate this fucking movie. I hate this movie.

The actor then assured that he had no choice but to participate in the feature film, since he had signed a three-movie deal with Paramount at the time of Coach Carter :

I was pushed to make this film. (…) They give you the contract and they say to you: “Contract for three films, here it is”. And as a young actor, you’re like, “Oh my God, this looks amazing, I’m signing!” Time passes and you get other roles… And then the studio calls and they tell you: “We have a film for you, we send you the script”. And it’s G.I. Joe.

While he wanted to embody Snake Eyes, Channing Tatum therefore finds himself interpreting Captain “Duke” Hauser and reciting lines of dialogue that he loathes. However, the actor has fought not to appear in The Awakening of the Cobraas he explained to Vanity Fair :

The first one, I tried seven times not to do it but they had an option on me so I had to do it. So the second one, I obviously didn’t want to do either.

The actor therefore succeeded in negotiate the death of his character from the first minutes of GI Joe: Conspiracyin which Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis take over. A decision he absolutely does not regret.

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Channing Tatum refused seven times “GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” – CinéSéries