Channing Tatum publishes his first photo with Zoe Kravitz and fuels rumors of a relationship between them

Channing Tatum y Zoe Kravit They have taken another step in their relationship. After they confirmed what an open secret was seeing you together at the MET gala from New York, the actor from Magic Mike has shared a photo in which he appears with his rumored girlfriend, the interpreter of High Fidelity, at the party that Alicia Keys organized after the evening. This photo could be the announcement that the duo of actors are more than friends. In the picture Tatum poses with singer Moses Sumney while Alicia Keys wraps her arm around Kravitz while smiling at the camera. ‘Tonight! Nobody wanted to play with us on the dance floor and the vibe was of the next level, “says the protagonist of Dear John next to the significant snapshot.

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Early in the morning Tatum and Kravitz opted for don’t pose together on the red carpet from the MET gala, but nevertheless hours later they left the evening holding hands before heading to Keys’ private party, which was attended by other guests such as Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Ciara and Gabrielle Union.

This new couple did not want to comment on their romance, but have been seen together numerous times. A source assured People that have become inseparable and that there is a lot of chemistry between them. “Zoe thinks Channing has resources both as an actor and as a person … [y] Channing likes me to be independent and outspoken as well as brilliant, “the source said of their feelings for each other.

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Kravitz y Tatum they met on the set of filming Pussy Island, a suspense movie in which she makes her directorial debut and he plays the title role. Between takes and takes, the spark arose and since then they have not separated. Lenny Kravitz’s daughter divorced Karl Glusman last January after 18 months of marriage, but they were not seen publicly together until days after the divorce was made official on August 23. Tatum broke up with singer Jessie J. in October 2020 and is the father of a girl, from his relationship with Jenna Dewan.

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