Channel: will we soon have to count our garbage bags so as not to pay more?

To further encourage residents to sort their waste, some communities are now considering a tax on garbage cans. (©Laure GHANNAM)

Reduce as much as possible household waste, this is the ambition displayed by all citizens who respect the planet, but also that of communities and Citeo, the company responsible for reduce environmental impact packaging and paper by offering reduction, reuse, sorting and recycling solutions.

Do even better

And concerning the garbage sorting, the Manchese are experts. Frédéric Quintard, Citeo regional director, explains that “in La Manche, the overall performance is very good. Each year on average, 93.90 kg of household packaging and paper (the yellow bins) are sorted per inhabitant. This is the best average for Normandy, significantly higher than the national average which is 69.8 kg. However, we can do better… ”

To improve the situation, Citeo thinks first of extension of sorting instructions. A somewhat barbaric term that simply consists of putting more plastic in the yellow trash. And therefore less in the trash, whether black or blue.

“From the end of 2022, all plastic food packaging can be put in the yellow bins. Per year and per capita, this will constitute 3.6 kg more waste which can be recycled. “

Frédéric Quintardregional director Citeo

The population still has to play the game. sorting ambassadors will thus educate the inhabitants to advance these figures.

“There is still progress to be made. According to a survey that we carried out, 89% of the population know the sorting instructions and respect them, but only 51% are systematic sorters. We therefore have 49% who do not sort their waste when they are on vacation, or do not think about it on a picnic… ”

Convince by knocking on the wallet

To encourage even more, the other solution considered by Citeo is a tax on garbage cans.

“It’s a solution that has already proven its worth. Each inhabitant has a badge to open their bin and drop off their trash. He pays, for example, a flat rate of 12 bags per year. And if he exceeds the quota, he pays a mark-up. “

Frédéric Quintard

Reducing your trash is an important environmental issue, but is hitting the wallet the right solution? Manchese communities are thinking about it, pushed in particular by Ademe, the Region and Citeo. At the end of 2020, these three players agreed to engage 30% of the Normandy population in this tax system in 2025.

34,000 tons

In one year in the Channel, 34,000 tonnes of household packaging were collected. 14,800 tonnes of CO2 were thus avoided, or the equivalent of 7,200 cars withdrawn from circulation for one year.

L’Agglomeration of Saint-Lô is already thinking about it for 2022. And others, like the Cotentin, should be invited to a study trip to demonstrate that the method is effective.

“Contrary to popular belief, there is no more litter in the communities that have put this system in place,” says Citeo’s regional director. We must support the process, even if it means going through sanctions in the face of incivility. “

So will our elected officials be seduced? Will you have to count your garbage cans so as not to pay more? One thing is certain, we must limit our waste to preserve the planet.

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Channel: will we soon have to count our garbage bags so as not to pay more?