Catherine Deneuve, Matt Damon, Jodie Foster … the 10 most anticipated stars this year at the Cannes Film Festival

After a deserted Croisette last year, the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is about to be walked again by the biggest international and French stars.

For two weeks from July 6, they will follow one another signing the comeback of a seventh art battered during a year of health crisis. A brief overview of the essential figures present at this 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Catherine Deneuve

She is undoubtedly the most famous French actress in the world. This year, she is featured in the film In his lifetime (Out of competition) directed by Emmanuelle Bercot with whom Queen Catherine is collaborating for the third time.

Photo Loïc Venance AFP.

Sean Penn

He was booed in Cannes in 2016 for his film The Last Face. This year, the American actor and director intends to take his revenge with Flag Day, an autobiographical thriller presented in competition.

Photo Sébastien Bottle.

Mylène Farmer

To everyone’s surprise, the legendary French singer is part of the jury for the official selection. But Mylène Farmer is no stranger to cinema having already played for Luc Besson and Pascal Laugier.

Photo AFP.

Matt Damon

From Will Hunting at Le Mans 66 through the Jason Bourne film series, the American actor is no longer to present. He’s coming back to Cannes this year after seven years because he’s starring in Todd McCarthy’s film Stillwater (Out of competition) in which he plays an oil driller who came to help his daughter imprisoned in Marseille.

Photo Xavier Collin.

Jane Birkin

After having been Serge Gainsbourg’s muse, Jane Birkin is the subject of a documentary directed by her daughter, the no less famous Charlotte Gainsbourg. The British singer had already had her portrait taken at the cinema more than thirty years ago by Agnès Varda in Jane B. by Agnès V.

Nice morning.

Vincent lindon

Winner of the Best Actor Award in 2015 for The law of the market, Vincent Lindon is a regular at the festival. For this 74th edition, it is on the bill of the strange Titanium by Julia Ducournau, noted director of bloody Grave.

Photo Frantz Bouton.

Jean Dujardin

The public of the Croisette will have the pleasure to find Jean Dujardin in the guise of agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath in OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa by Nicolas Bedos.

Photo Frantz Bouton.

Jodie FOster

Who else than this actress, almost born on the steps of the Palais des Festivals to receive the Palme d’Or of honor? 45 years after the consecration of Taxi Driver in Cannes, Jodie Foster still has the wind in its sails awarded with a Golden Globe last February for her performance in the film Designated guilty.

Jean François Ottonello.

Virginie efira

Curiously shunned in 2019 in Cannes for her tormented interpretation of Sibyl, eponymous character from Justine Triet’s film, the Franco-Belgian actress could well create a surprise with Benedetta. In the latest film by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, she plays an Italian nun arrested and tried for sapphism.

Photo Patrice Lapoirie.

Wes Anderson

His head may not mean much to you, but this exquisitely styled Texan is the promise of the most beautiful celebrity parterre of this edition. On the poster for his latest film The French Dispatch : Bill Murray, Léa Seydoux, Timothée Chalamet, Benicio del Toro, Tilda Swinton or even Adrien Brody and Frances McDormand.

Photo Patrice Lapoirie.