Carrie-Anne Moss resurrects her role as ‘Matrix’ action hero E! News UK

Carrie-Anne Moss was 32 when she joined the pantheon of science fiction film legends. Taking her place alongside Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Moss played Trinity in ” The matrix”(1999), defying gravity with a martial arts ballet. Supple, pale, clad in tight-fitting leather and PVC, Trinity and Keanu Reeves’s Neo formed two androgynous halves of a heroic whole in a man versus machine story that has become a global cultural obsession.

The resounding success of the film spawned two immediate sequels, “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” (both released in 2003). Now, almost two decades later, Moss is returning to his career defining role as ” Matrix resurrections», Written and directed by Lana Wachowski. Arriving in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22, “Resurrections” forced Moss, now 54, to undergo intensive training for weeks before embarking on a demanding shoot that took the cast to San Francisco and Germany, among other places.

Plus, she had to shoulder the enormous weight of expectations – it’s extremely rare for a woman over 50 to be both an action star and the romantic lead role of a big studio movie. “I feel a sense of responsibility to these women who love Trinity and felt ignited by her for being authentic at this age, and not being an elusive idea and perpetuating this myth about what it means to be a woman,” the sympathetic, Moss told me in a recent video interview from his home on the east coast. “I took this with me throughout the process. “

Here are edited excerpts from our conversation:

You wrote an article for The Guardian in 2016 where you mentioned having a “moment of clarity” once you realized you were playing tough but vulnerable women. When did you first become aware?

It happened in an acting class with a teacher, Sandy Marshall – she teaches Meisner. She made this observation about the fact that I have strength and vulnerability. It became a powerful pivot for me to accept myself. I’ve always wanted to play characters that are so different from me, but when she showed it to me, it gave me permission to get into what I was doing well. Trinity arrived shortly after.

Credit…Jasin Boland/Warner Bros.

It’s a perfect way to describe Trinity. She’s obviously tough, but she has this love for Neo that brings a certain vulnerability. They are a partnership of equals.

I have always seen the [“Matrix”] movies like a love story. My entry into the character and into the movie has always been the love that I felt in the movie, that I felt on Trinity. I found a diary from that time – there’s a point at the end of the first movie where Trinity says to Neo, “The Oracle told me I would know who the One was because I would love him.” »I wrote this story between Trinity and the Oracle [as part of her preparation for the role]. It was like a hidden treasure when I stumbled upon it. I had forgotten that I was keeping this diary. I was going through all my memories of that time. It was such a deep time, shooting the first three films.

What memories do you keep of this period of your life? What was it like living inside that experience, when “The Matrix” just exploded into popular culture?

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Carrie-Anne Moss resurrects her role as ‘Matrix’ action hero E! News UK