Cameron Diaz sells a salad (and his soul) with Gwyneth Paltrow

“We are so happy!”screenshot


The former actress-turned-author and entrepreneur has teamed up with Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand to sell a salad. What’s so special about her? “She’s cool.” Ah yes, that changes everything.

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In the radius of wobbly collaborations, here is Cameron Diaz’s fresh salad. The former actress, who went into wine when she launched Avaline, has teamed up with Goop Kitchen, the brand of fellow former actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Together, the two women launched a “delicious, fresh and crunchy” salad which, coincidentally, combines “perfectly” with the sauvignon blanc of Cameron Diaz.

In a video where the acting seems to belong to a bygone era, the former actress (Cameron Diaz, therefore) first shows us her fridge, filled only with plastic trays of salads and bottles of her Sauvignon Blanc.

After the “wine & cheese”, here is “wine and salad”. It's less fun.

After the “wine & cheese” association, here is “wine and salad”. It’s less fun.screenshot

Cameron Diaz continues by sending himself a little white blow with a raise of eyebrows as convincing as if Trump had strolled with a banner “long live feminism” at the women’s strike on June 14.

The entrepreneur then explains that in the summer, she is always looking for something fresh and easy, and that she loves to make a good salad. So original.

“It’s full of flavor and crunch, with crisp lettuce, sweet and spicy mango slaw, crunchy snow peas, carrots, cucumbers, fresh herbs, sliced ​​avocado, and served with puffed rice, candied cashews and Goop’s Certified Clean Cashew Dressing. You will love!”

Cameron Diaz on Instagram trying to convince us (or to convince).

After tossing everything and crushing the ingredients (someone thought to explain to him how to make a salad…?), Cameron Diaz puts a fork in his mouth with a blank stare.

Kill. Me. Please.

Cameron Diaz’s look.

Or how sell literally salads

Need proof that this pairing of self-indulgent bone broth wellness guru and vinasse-salad combo addict is a big joke? Already, the link shared by Cameron Diaz on his Instagram account about this unique salad does not work.


Then look how it looks at the end of its life. It’s certainly not by having nothing but wine in your fridge and plastic trays of “crunchy lettuce, sweet and spicy mango, crunchy snow peas, carrots, cucumbers, etc” that you set foot stirrup.

“I’m dead inside.”



Finally, associating with the lady known for her smoky wellness theories of ozone up your buttocks and vag fumigations is a bit like the tobacco lobby claiming “smoking is is not good”. It’s a little strong coffee.

Besides, Gwyneth Paltrow had also already launched her own salad. A “detox” salad that was used above all to sell its soup. As doctor Edzard Ernst, professor at the University of Exeter, recalled, “no detox treatment has been shown to be effective in eliminating toxins from the body”.

But back to the salad of the day. The good news is that you have to live in Los Angeles to be able to get Cameron Diaz’s tray for 13.50 dollars, “wine not included”. We are therefore preserved from this temptation in our latitudes.

The plate is just for the picture: it comes in an atrocious plastic box.

The plate is just for the picture: it comes in an atrocious plastic box.screenshot

The other good news is that by trying anyway to go to the Goop Kitchen site, several times, an error message was displayed.

Error: We are having trouble loading this page. Please try again soon

Even tech isn’t keen on helping the two former actresses sell salads and I think it’s beautiful.

We prefer the food that cupthis way?

OK, I have this:

Or heavy milkshakes made in the USA, hell yeah!

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Absurdly heavy milkshakes made in the USA, hell yeah!

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Cameron Diaz sells a salad (and his soul) with Gwyneth Paltrow