Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses accusations against Joss Whedon

Former star of buffy the vampire slayerSarah Michelle Gellar returned to the accusations made against the creator of the mythical series, Joss Whedon.

Following the allegations of part of the team of Justice League, targeting his deleterious behavior on the set, Joss Whedon, the former essential figure both on the small screen and in the popular cinematographic landscape, has been keeping a low profile for a few years. In the wake of accusations by Ray Fisher and others, several performers from the television series buffy the vampire slayerof which he was the great architect for seven seasons, also accused him of inappropriate behavior.

Charisma Carpenter, Michelle Trachtenberg or even James Marsters have recounted the deplorable attitude of the director, confident that he was the target not only of his moods, but above all of his abusive deviations on the set. Many voices have been raised to question the fallen icon and few to defend it against enacted attacks. Except that since the shocking revelations, public and critics are waiting together for a statement from the main star of buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, so far silent. And justly, Sarah Michelle Gellar has finally spoken on the subject.

Sarah Michelle Gallery Gellar

During an interview with the New York Timesthe former heroine of buffy the vampire slayer explained the reasons for his silence as follows:

“Growing up in New York, I had my quota of street anecdotes of this type (namely abusive behavior among others) which may have helped later. It wasn’t easy, no. I could have shared my share of experiences, but I chose not to. I failed to tell my stories, emotionally. I’ve seen people do it and it impressed me. But in this world where victims are shattered, blamed and singled out, I prefer to keep my stories to myself. »

In such a context, it is easy to understand the modest attitude of the actress, her silence although she says she does not endorse the alleged facts in any way and supports in a sibylline way the speaking out of her former partners on the road. Moreover, even if she never quotes her mentor directly, her decisions induce, a priori, an opinion on the question far from being neutral. Moreover, by refusing to be associated with the name of Joss Whedon when discussing his career, the one who played Buffy Summers therefore seems to adopt a position in the image of her words: sober, but committed. From here to other possible confessions, fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar can find her in her latest film, If you avenge meviewable on Netflix.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses accusations against Joss Whedon