Bryan Cranston would not have said it: from protagonist in Malcolm to car driver

Bryan Cranston had no idea that his “son” would go further than anyone thought. The renowned American actor is identifiable by his leading role in “Breaking Bad”, a role that has already made history in popular culture. However, Before, Bryan Cranston acted in “Malcolm in the Middle”, and he did it next to Frankie Muniz.

Frankie Muniz was the protagonist of the series. Malcolm in the Middle revolved around him and allowed him to become one of the most famous actors of the moment when he was just a child. The popularity that he had while the series was broadcast was such that everyone captured the young man’s face as that of a star… although he is no longer an interpreter. After “Malcolm in the Middle”, Frankie Muniz’s career had very important ups and downs. No other role he played compared to Malcolm’s. However, He was lucky enough to dedicate himself to something else that he began to like: motor racing.

From star actor to star pilot

Frankie Muniz is now a professional driver in NASCAR’s ARCA Menard Series, which has given him the opportunity to recover his fame in another field. Within the world of racing he is quite a big name and is rarely remembered as “the smart boy from the peculiar family”. Through his Instagram, he can be seen totally proud with the typical outfit that these types of competitors usually wear. His passion for motorsports was something that gripped him in 2004, and since then he has not been able to get away from that passion, taking it to the extreme in these years of his life. He is 37 years old, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in any other great role that they could give him, because his life as a pilot is what he always dreamed of.

He himself has indicated that although “Malcolm in the Middle” has meant an important stage for him, and that it has created memories worth remembering, he says that he much prefers to be behind the wheel at this stage of his life. In fact, hHe has managed to be the leader of the general classification as a driver and it is possible that he could be champion, so the talent of the former actor behind the wheel is exposed.

Although he has had problems in his life, nothing has led him to failure

Frankie Muniz is one of those few actors who had a great boom, and who knew how to reinvent himself in order to enjoy success in other sectors. It’s not that he chose racing to maintain his fame, but rather that he chose to drive because he loves it. Although he has not been exempt from experiencing problems, he has known how to overcome each one of them and also venture into other areas of benefit for his life.

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Bryan Cranston would not have said it: from protagonist in Malcolm to car driver