Bruce Willis’ mom agrees with son: Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie

Another holiday season has arrived, which means Die hard fans are once again debating the age-old question of whether the film is indeed a Christmas movie. Those who argue for Die hard being considered an official Christmas film indicates the framework of the holiday and its effect on the overall tone of the film. Others say the elements of Christmas are not that important and that Die hard is just an awesome action flick that happens just during the holiday season.

Previously, Bruce Willis has addressed the debate, and it looks like John McClane himself is not in the Christmas movie camp. During his Comedy Central roast in 2018, the actor said that “ Die hard isn’t a Christmas movie, it’s one hell of a Bruce Willis movie! Willis may have been joking, but he hasn’t said anything since that time to suggest he feels different. VIDEO OF THE DAY

Either way, Bruce’s mother Marlene has her own opinion. She tells TMZ that ” Die hard is NOT a Christmas movie, ”feeling quite confident in her response. His reasoning is that even though Die hard takes place around Christmas time, it’s not a staple of the film, so it shouldn’t be considered a holiday classic as It’s a wonderful life, How the Grinch stole Christmas, and Alone at home.

The Willis family may be leaning in one direction, but the debate is certainly far from over. Die hard Director John McTiernan admitted last year that the film was not originally intended to be a Christmas movie. As it took place over the holidays, the original script was much more gritty. Taking some benchmarks from It’s a wonderful life, McTiernan chose to inject the holiday spirit more strongly into the film, causing a certain “joy” that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Some would say that means that Die hard is actually a Christmas movie.

“I said, ‘Okay, if you want me to make this terrorist movie, I want the hero of the first scene to apologize for never being in a limo before. The hero says all is well. I “I have never ridden in a limousine before. Okay, working class hero. And Joel understood what I meant. And he said, okay, ”McTiernan explained.

He added, “So we started to work on it… And actually everyone, as they came to work on the film, started to have, like I said, this idea of ​​this film as that escaped. And there was a joy Because we were, we changed the content. And this is how Die hard became, we didn’t expect it to be a Christmas movie, but the joy that came with it is what made it into a Christmas movie. And that’s really the best I can tell you about it. ”

Obviously, the debate continues, and we are no closer to getting a definitive answer to this discussion than ever before. Maybe it wouldn’t really be the holiday season without the annual debate on whether or not Die hard is a Christmas movie.

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Bruce Willis’ mom agrees with son: Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie