Bruce Willis and John Travolta: the reunion, 27 years after “Pulp Fiction”

John Travolta and Bruce Willis are back: 27 years later pulp Fiction, dedicated to Cannes, the Deadline site announces that the two actors have started shooting an action movie, Paradise City, with Hawaii as a backdrop. Few elements have filtered through this feature film, to believe that the production wanted to remain discreet about this unexpected and promising reunion … Bruce Willis should play a hitman determined to settle his account with the local mafioso, played by John Travolta, who murdered his father.

According to the specialized American site, the two actors will be directed by Chuck Russell, producer and director of the film. The Mask (with Jim Carrey) and The Scorpion King, which suggests a calibrated and commercial feature film. The scenario would also be closer to the film Miami vice, but with bounty hunters in the role of the cops… Filming began on Monday in Maui, in the Hawaiian archipelago, with the Thai actress and model Praya Lundberg in the main female role.

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Ridiculous stamp

For Bruce Willis and John Travolta, this will be the first time they face each other physically on a set in twenty-seven years. The poster has something to make salivating, although the two actors have taken a few wrinkles and a lot of white hair since their memorable performance in pulp Fiction, in 1994… At the time, Bruce Willis was already a star, headliner of blockbusters, little focused on auteur films. But he wants to work with Quentin Tarantino, who manages to integrate him for a pittance in the casting of his new project, a crazy thriller with multiple stories, like an adrenaline shoot in the heart of Los Angeles. When he learns that John Travolta, considered the last of the nerds, has one of the leading roles, Willis does not hide his annoyance: “What? I’m going to end up tied up by two shits at the back of a shop, all this so that Travolta has the limelight? “, He launches to production.

Travolta also hesitated to engage in the violence of the scenario: “I have never played drug addict on the screen, I do not know if I really want to shoot myself and shoot guys”, s’ worries the ex-slut about Grease to the director, as he explained after the fact to Vanity Fair. The actor finally accepts, encouraged by his wife and friends. He knows his career behind him, after all, he has nothing more to lose …

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Finally, the two actors play their score in perfect harmony, with in particular the cult scene where Butch the boxer (Bruce Willis) shoots Vincent Vega the hired killer (John Travolta) at point blank range when the latter just comes out of his toilet … pulp Fiction, which cost less than $ 9 million, which all the majors turned down, would end up being funded by Harvey Weinstein and grossing over $ 200 million at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing independent films in the world. history of cinema. For Willis and Travolta, it was very beneficial: the first saw his career explode and the second suddenly enjoys an unexpected comeback …