Brittany Snow on a ‘Healing Journey’ After Tyler Stanaland Divorce

Brittany Snow
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Brittany Snow opened up about what her life looks like following her divorce from ex-husband Tyler Stanaland.

“This year has been the most I’ve learned about myself, probably, in my whole life,” Snow, 37, said in an interview with The Retality published on Thursday, September 28. “I am shocked at how much resilience the human emotional body can take. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been on a healing journey.”

Snow shared that she wants to “lead with integrity,” even if things in her personal life aren’t easy.

“It’s obviously very public but, you know, I am not a person that has ever, ever wanted my private life or some that I loved to be … public,” the Pitch Perfect actress told the outlet. “I’ve always been really private about the intricacies of people that I care about in that way, and, so, that’s something that I like to maintain. One day, in my 60s, my memoir is going to be chef’s kiss because I’ve got all the secrets. But until then.”

Snow and Stanaland, 34, tied the knot in March 2020 after two years of dating. The pair announced their separation in September 2022 and Snow filed for divorce nearly four months later.

Brittany Snow Says She Has Been on a ‘Healing Journey’ Following Tyler Stanaland Divorce
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For the first time in nearly five years, Snow is single — and she’s trying to make her home a safe space as she embarks on a new chapter of her life.

“This has been such an amazing home where I’ve really cultivated my own [life] being with myself, solitude, cooking by myself, being with [my dog] Charlie, spending time with my friends, writing, and reading. It’s been a nice atmosphere to rediscover who I am,” she explained.

Snow has also been keeping busy with her latest project September Letters, which she launched in 2020 alongside Jaspre Guest and focuses on healing through letter writing.

“I wanted to create a community of people sharing their experiences because that’s what worked for me [in my mental health recovery],” Snow explained. “I wasn’t thinking big. I wasn’t thinking it was going to take on [a life of its own]. But Jaspre knows how to create something [impactful].”

After the online success of the September Letters, Guest and Snow released a book in May that features letters and essays from several celebrities and mental health professionals. Snow also put all her energy into her directorial debut, Parachute, which was released at SXSW in March. The film was inspired by Snow’s personal experience with falling in love after battling food and body image addictions.

“Parachute was my first attempt at trying to take what was in my head and putting it outward instead of keeping it in,” Snow recalled. “It was therapeutic to be able to visually and aesthetically see what I was feeling.”

Aside from her work, Snow has been focusing on her mental health journey. In a 2007 essay, she paved the way for others to talk about mental health when she opened up about her nine-year battle with anorexia, self-harm and depression.

“It definitely was really tough to be met with a lot of questions in terms of my intentions for coming out with my story. I was maybe a little bit naive to think that no one was really going to pay that much attention and just the people on this charity website that I was doing the interview for would be able to get some help and feel not alone,” Snow told Wondermind in a May interview. “I was met with a lot of mistrust and miscommunication in terms of people [saying] that I was doing it for attention or vanity.”

Although she’s struggled a lot this past year, Snow feels like she’s in such a healthier place mentally.

“If someone would have told me back when I was in my teens or my early twenties what was going to happen, I would have said, ‘There’s no way that I’ll survive that,’ and I not only survived it, but it hasn’t shaken me as much as I thought,” Snow shared with Retality on Thursday. “People are stronger than they know they are when put to the test.”

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Brittany Snow on a ‘Healing Journey’ After Tyler Stanaland Divorce