Brian Cox really cares about Jeremy Strong’s obsession with his character on ‘Succession’

Sarah Snook, Brian Cox y Jeremy Strong de la serie de HBO, ‘Succession’.

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Jeremy Strong could be more Kendall Roy than even the cast of ‘Succession’. A new profile of the actor in The New Yorker focuses almost exclusively on the intense, sometimes questionable extremes he has gone to for roles in his career and as Kendall on the hit show HBO.

In the filming of the second season, for example, he I only walked into the makeup department if no one else was there, and in statements to said publication, his co-star Kieran Culkin, who gives life to his younger brother, recognizes that He does not understand what his process is to prepare a scene, since Jeremy refuses to rehearse.

Brian Cox, his fictional father, also spoke on Late Night with Seth Meyers about this Jeremy’s intense method and ‘obsessive’ techniques, but he was more diplomatic and worried that he did not know how to set limits.

“I just feel like he you have to be kinder to yourself and therefore he has to be a little kinder to others, ”he explained.

“The problem with Jeremy’s approach is that it works in terms of what he gets,” Brian said in an interview.

Then he wanted to make it clear that he was not exaggerating and that Are you really afraid your friend will be exhausted in a matter of a few years?, as it happened with other interpreters like Daniel Day Lewis, who left acting at 55.

“I have no problem with Jeremy, he’s lovely. He is one of the best parents I have ever met – he has three daughters and is an extraordinary father. He’s quite a unique individual, ”she said, yet still added:“He becomes obsessed with work. And I worry what I do to himBecause if you can’t separate yourself, because you’re dealing with all this stuff every day, you can’t live in it. Eventually, you get tired. “

The obsession, however, has a tinge of tragedy: the New Yorker’s profile reads like someone who he’s so immersed not just in individual roles, but in the general reality of the acting profession, that somehow he lost himself.

“I started to wonder if I had been interviewing an actor who was playing Kendall Roy or a character who was posing as Jeremy Strong,” noted the profile’s writer, Michael Schulman.

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Brian Cox really cares about Jeremy Strong’s obsession with his character on ‘Succession’