Brendan Fraser will become James Stewart out of solidarity –

The actor will star alongside Jean Smart, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen and Ken Jeong in this year’s reading of Living is beautiful!, the Christmas classic directed by Frank Capra. A brendan fraser It is up to him to play George Bailey, a character immortalized by James Stewart. It will benefit the Ed Asner Family Center, a charitable institution created by the actor from the series Lou Grant.

“As parents of autistic children, [mi esposo] Matt and I saw a desperate need to create a safe and welcoming community for families with special needs,” said Navah Asner, co-founder of the Ed Asner Family Center, in a statement. “The Center provides artistic and vocational enrichment and critical mental health services to these individuals and their families, creating a unique space to learn, interact and thrive. In that spirit, I am pleased to announce that we have developed an amazing, interactive and inclusive adult day care program that combines job training, life skills and expressive arts to foster self-confidence, independence and purpose.”

“I am in awe and deeply grateful that this incredible group of actors have volunteered their time and talents to support the Ed Asner Family Center, a cause near and dear to my father’s heart. I would be very proud. I would like to thank this year’s honorees, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, for their generous dedication and commitment to the autism community. Also, my sincere thanks to Turner Classic Movies and Whatnot for partnering with us this year and helping us make this very special event such a success,” explains Matt Asner, son of Ed Asner and co-founder of the Center.

As is well known, the plot of ¡How beautiful it is to live! takes place on Christmas Eve. George Bailey is up to his neck in water. Good guy, he has created a bank to help people, but at a certain point he cannot afford the payments. The evil Mr. Potter is rejoicing at his troubles. Desperate, Bailey goes to a bridge, ready to jump into the river. But Clarence comes to him, an angel who has with him the opportunity to earn his wings. He will do so by showing Bailey what life would have been like for his family and friends if he hadn’t existed.

This year, Brendan Fraser is running as the favorite for the Oscar for best actor for his role in The Whale. To bring to life a morbidly obese guy hell-bent on reconnecting with his daughter, he has resorted to prosthetics that weighed more than 220 pounds and some days had to spend six hours or more in the makeup chair.

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Brendan Fraser will become James Stewart out of solidarity –