Breaking Bad: What Jesse’s tattoos mean and his relationship with Aaron Paul

It is true that many actors often undergo changes in appearance when they are going to participate in a program. On this subject, actor Aaron Paul referred to the tattoos he showed when he played Jesse Pinkman in the famous Breaking Bad series.

Depending on the role, the actors in each show have to gain or lose weight, grow or trim their hair or beards, and undergo elaborate makeup, as did Mark Margoliswho played Héctor Salamanca in breaking bad Y Better Call Saul. Sometimes actors have to hide their real tattoos to play a character who doesn’t have them, or allow makeup artists to put fake tattoos on a character who does, as happened with Aaron Paul with his role as Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad: What are Jesse Pinkman’s tattoos?

Ever since viewers first met Jesse Pinkman in breaking badThey noticed that he had a unique style, often wearing clothing decorated with dollar signs, skulls, or other fun designs. However, luckily for Aaron Paul, the general image of Jesse does not require many adjustments or hairstyles. The only part of Jesse that had to work in terms of makeup was his tattoos.

As the series showed us breaking bad during his five seasons, Jesse has a large Celtic scorpion tattoo on his arm, as well as a clown and a snake. However, in real life, the actor Aaron Paul He doesn’t have any of these tattoos. In fact, in an interview with Vulture in 2012, Paul said that all tattoos “aren’t real.” He added that the makeup team asked him if he thought Jesse would have tattoos, and when he said “probably,” they started flipping through tattoo books at random and choosing images for Jesse. Which means that there was no specific reason for selecting the tattoos What would the character wear?

The tattoos are quite intricate, so viewers might assume that the fake tattoo in each shot is time consuming. But, Aaron Paul has answered fan questions about her role and revealed how long it takes for makeup artists to draw a tattoo for each episode. Paul wrote: “The application only takes about ten minutes.” He also explained why the process is so fast:

“It’s just a transfer, so they don’t have to draw it. It’s like a really cute version of cookie jar tattoos.”

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman’s Tattoos and the Process of Wearing Them Aaron Paul

In addition to being very quick to apply, Aaron Paul He also revealed that each tattoo usually lasts between two and three days. This would be very helpful, of course, since Jesse’s tattoos have to appear in every scene. Fortunately, the process was not exhausting.

Interestingly, although the tattoos look very real, Aaron Paul they don’t have any in real life, so fans are surprised to see the star in her interviews or with a new character.

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Breaking Bad: What Jesse’s tattoos mean and his relationship with Aaron Paul