‘Breaking Bad’: This was the letter from Anthony Hopkins to Bryan Cranston after a marathon of the series

It is what series of quality and the impact of Breaking Bad, that we return to them again and again. Available on Netflix Spain, Bryan Cranston’s character’s journey to hell relief over 6 seasons continues to win over strangers who still resisted seeing it, but also relieves afternoons of nostalgia in the form of marathon re-addictions. The series did also that we do not know what creates more addiction, if she herself the blue crystal of Walter.

Of course we can tell you that the first, at least, is healthier. Something similar must have happened to Luis Endera, a filmmaker who confessed on Twitter that he has been hooked again while reminding us of a letter from Anthony Hopkins that we have decided to recover. It comes from a 2013 Facebook post by Steven Michael Quezada (Steve Gomez on the series) and is as follows:

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Dear Mr. Cranston,

I wanted to write you this email, so I contacted you through Jeremy Barber, it turns out that we are both represented by UTA. Great agency.

I just finished a ‘Breaking Bad’ marathon, from episode 1 of season one to eight episodes of season six. (I downloaded the last season from Amazon) A total of two weeks of viewing (addictive).

I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s brilliant.

His performance as Walter White is the best performance I have ever seen.

I know there’s a lot of smoke and bullshit in this business, and I’ve lost a bit of the ability to believe anything with certainty.

But this work of hers is spectacular, absolutely amazing. How extraordinary is the power shared by all the production. What was it, five or six years to make it? How the producers (being one of them), the writers, directors, cameras … Every department, casting, etc, have managed to maintain discipline and control from start to finish is (overused word) incredible .

From what begins as a dark comedy, it descends into a labyrinth of blood, destruction and hell. It is something like Jacobean, Shakespearean or a Greek tragedy.

If I ever get the chance, I could pass my admiration on to everyone (Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Aaron Paul, Betsy Brandt, RJ Milte, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Steven Michael Quezada) to everyone. They all give a master class in acting … The list is endless.

Thank you. This type of work / art is rare, and when it does occur from time to time, as in this epic work, it restores confidence.

You and the entire casting are the best actors I have ever seen.

This must sound like a baseless smoke to you, but it is not.

It is almost midnight here in Malibu, and I felt the need to write this email. My sincere congratulations and deep respect.

You really are a great, great actor.


Tony Hopkins.

If you thought you were a fan of Breaking BadNow you know that good old Anthony Hopkins is even more so.

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‘Breaking Bad’: This was the letter from Anthony Hopkins to Bryan Cranston after a marathon of the series