Brad Pitt ruled out his retirement: “I did not mean a retirement”

Until very recently nobody thought about a possible retirement of Brad Pittwho was going through one of the best moments of his career but a statement was interpreted as a possible preview of a goodbye, when he said that I was going through the “last semester or quarter” of work. After almost a month of uncertainty, which worried many fans, the actor took it upon himself to clarify that “In no case is it a withdrawal.”

At 58 years old and with an extensive multi-award winning career, Brad Pitt is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. Although he has starred in movies from a very young age, his first acting Oscar came in 2019, thanks to his character as Cliff Booth in “Once upon a time in Hollywood…”. His next project is “Bullet Train”which will premiere on August 4 in Argentina, where it will share the screen with Bad Bunny.

At a press tour in Paris, Pitt said that it was considered to be in its “last stage”, referring to this “last semester or quarter”. “It appears that it was interpreted as a retirement statement. but noor did i mean that… What I wanted to say is that I am already facing the last stretch, the last season. And the question is: ‘How do I want to spend that time?’ But in no case is it a withdrawal, ”said the interpreter.

I do not withdraw in any way“, sentenced the actor to AFP. Looking to the future, he commented: “At my age, you already made enough mistakes… now there is a comfort in applying that wisdom“.

Bullet Train

The actor was eager for the release of Bullet Train around the world. The movie is a comedy with an air of thriller on board a train between Tokyo and Kyoto in which seven murderers cross paths and try to get out of the way, with more or less success.

“The black humor, the gags were something very important for this film. I like to do all kinds of movies, fresh interpretations“, explained Pitt. In one of his speeches for his awards for Best Supporting Actor, the interpreter he had said that “he was already getting old”something that was evidenced in that he “proudly gave a scene to his stunt double” if he had the possibility to do so.

In this new movie, Brad Pitt has many action scenes, since the film is inspired by the works of Jackie Chan. “I can’t say enough about Jackie Chan and what he did, and being in that arena, even close to that, is something I haven’t done beforePitt confessed.

on tape also participate the singer Bad Bunny, the young actress Joey Kingwho launched his career thanks to the success of Netflix’s The Kissing Booth saga and the series The Actand Sandra Bullockwho replaced Lady Gaga in the role of Maria Beetle and with whom she shared the screen in the recent “The Lost City”.

Brad Pitt’s projects in 2022

In addition to Bullet Train, will co-star in the movie “Babylon” with Margot Robbie, star of the movie “Barbie”. The film, which Paramount will release this Christmas, is an old Hollywood epic that focuses on industry figures adjusting to the transition from silent to talkies.

On the other hand, will continue with his role as producer, which has already borne fruit in the past. This year is behind productions such as “Blonde”, the biographical drama of Marilyn Monroe, and the long-awaited Sarah Polley drama, “Speaking Women”, an adaptation of the novel by Miriam Toews starring Rooney Mara and Frances McDormand. It focuses on a group of Mennonite women who band together against their rapists. “It’s as profound a movie as any that’s been made in this decade,” Pitt told GQ magazine.

The cast of Bullet Train at the presentation of the film

“I love it because you manage to promote new talents, you are part of projects in which you would not necessarily have a place as an actor. And for the rest… well, I don’t know. I go from movie to movie, and the last thing I did defines what I’m going to do next. I like both streaming platforms and movie theaters, ”he assured.

On the other hand, Pitt said that he had recently loved going to see Elvis at the movies. “I’m a big fan of Austin Butler, I think he’s going to do a great job,” Pitt said of the film’s star.

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Brad Pitt ruled out his retirement: “I did not mean a retirement”