Brad Pitt reveals himself by wearing a skirt on the red carpet

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Brad Pitt surprises on the red carpet by replacing conventional pants with a skirt, at the premiere of his new movie, Bullet Train, in Berlin.

The 58-year-old award-winning actor broke with masculine norms and took a bold step by combining a brown linen jacket with a matching knee-length skirt. Also, he completed his look wearing sunglasses and dark boots.

When asked why she was wearing that outfit on the red carpet, the Hollywood legend said: “The breeze, the breeze!”

Pitt, who stars in the film alongside Sandra Bullock, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, subsequently donned a suit for the UK premiere, where he joked that he would “highly recommend” the breezy skirt to British men.

“I’m going to say it’s all because of the breeze,” he added. “The breeze is very nice… very, very nice.” Europe is experiencing a heat wave in recent days, and in Berlin it has reached 30 degrees.

Pitt is not the first actor to choose an unconventional outfit for a publicity event in Germany. Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac has already been photographed in a skirt at the premieres of the Marvel series, both in Berlin and London.

For the London event, actor Oscar Isaac, also known for his role in the Star Wars films, dressed in a slate gray ensemble by Thom Browne, which included a matching blazer and pleated skirt, also knee-length.

Celebrities like Harry Styles and Jared Leto have also opted for more quirky styles.

Bullet Train will hit theaters on August 5 and stars Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Zazie Beetz and Bad Bunny. It is a story that follows five assassins who are assigned different but connected missions. Pitt plays “Ladybug,” a hit man down on his luck.

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Brad Pitt reveals himself by wearing a skirt on the red carpet