Brad Pitt: return on his incredible metamorphosis in “Fight Club”!

Among the monuments of his superb career, Brad Pitt achieved a superb feat: Fight Club. A film that took him a lot of work

If Brad Pitt has managed to become a sex symbol, Fight Club had his part to play in this image. The actor has indeed succeeded in a formidable transformation for become the muscular brawler that the fans loved. MCETV tells you how he managed to become an incredible star. When he hadn’t planned it.

Fight Club: a chance to be seized

Because the career of the actor started smoothly. But the day David Fincher offers him the role, everything changes. He realizes that this boxing lover (and schizophrenia, too) soap salesman can change his career. The actor then decides to devote himself fully … And even to change his look to get there.

To succeed in the superb interpretation of Tyler Durden, he decides to embody him to the end. He starts by taking lessons … soap factory. Indeed, if Tyler makes soaps, Brad Pitt must know how to do it too. He therefore decides to take lessons to have a perfect mastery.

But, even if the first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about it, we remind you that it is also (a little) of a fight film. No question for the actor to miss: he wants to master the martial arts necessary to lend his features to Tyler. So he takes taekwondo and boxing lessons.

Brad Pitt also tackles “grappling”. This discipline allows him to master a lot of techniques of submission, on the ground as standing. He thus begins to fully embody this crazy fighter by Tyler Durden. So this is how he sets one of the roles of his life in motion… But he doesn’t stop there.

Concerned about the smallest detail, he indeed pushes the cap further than anyone. Indeed, Tyler does not have perfect teeth … But he does. He then decides to get into the skin (or rather in the teeth) of his character by having tooth pieces removed by a team of dentists.

Brad Pitt: back on his impressive metamorphosis in “Fight Club”!

Brad Pitt, Tyler Durden, or both?

He therefore sacrifices part of his physique to become his character. Of course, the same dentists gave him the pieces of his teeth after the filming was finished. But this spirit of sacrifice sets the tone… And also begins a superb career made of hard work and successes.

Thus, Tyler Durden managed to make history. In 2008, the character played by Brad Pitt took thehas first place of the best characters of film, in the ranking of the magazine Empire. This thunderous role also offers him the graces of Hollywood …

But since then, the actor does not let go. So, for his next film, Bullet Train, he still has took martial arts lessons and worked on his physique. Except this time, unlike Fight Club, he will do his stunts himself …

The work and sacrifice for this cult film paid off for Brad Pitt. Fight Club will have placed him among the best actors in Hollywood … And for 23 years, he continues to unleash passions !