Brad Pitt: Franck Dubosc dreams of changing his body with him!

The handsome Brad Pitt makes a lot of people dream. Moreover, it seems that Franck Dubosc would like to change his body with the actor.

Which does not have never dreamed of being Brad Pitt ? One thing is certain, not Franck Dubosc. And for good reason, the latter would love to have the body of the handsome actor. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Brad Pitt is causing a stir

No one can miss the famous Brad Pitt. Indeed, the latter has become over time a leading figure in cinema. He then followed the roles and can count on the support of his loyal fans.

But in reality, Brad Pitt owes his success not only to his acting skills. Indeed, the star seems to crack a lot of people. His natural charisma and his seductive air never cease to agitate the Web.

Moreover, if there is one thing that interests Internet users, it is the love life of the beautiful blonde. It must be said that this one is not really the calmest. To the delight of lovers of romance therefore.

Indeed, Brad Pitt has known a few stories of the heart. After Jennifer Aniston, it’s finally in the arms of the famous Angelina Jolie that he found his happiness. Yes, between the two it was then crazy love. So cute !

And yet, for 5 years now the couple decided to end their marriage. Moreover, the mission promises to be more complicated than expected. And for good reason, they do not manage to agree. Ouch!

In short, Brad Pitt is once again a heart to take. And it looks like he has a lot of suitors. Moreover, Franck Dubosc also seems to succumb to his beauty. But for a whole other reason: the french actor dreams of having his body. MCE TV tells you more!

Brad Pitt: Franck Dubosc dreams of having the body of the American actor!

Franck Dubosc wants to change his body

It’s no secret that Brad Pitt is a dream for a lot of people. I have to say that everything seems to succeed at this cost. Career, money, children or even love life, it is then a full box.

Indeed, for many years, Brad Pitt shared the life of the magnificent Angleina Jolie. And it seems that the American actor is envious. Not surprising !

And for good reason, Franck Dubosc made a big statement about it at Current wife. As a reminder, Franck Dubosc is on the poster for “Meaning of Life” alongside Alexandra Lamy. And the script gave the journalist a little idea.

The latter then asked the famous camper: “Who would you dare to change your body with?” “ The comedian responded very honestly. He then surprised everyone. It must be said that the latter does not really have his tongue in his pocket. What to delight the most curious viewers therefore.

He then confessed that it would be Brad Pitt. And for good reason, he added: “You leave me the evening with Angelina Jolie. » For her part, Alexandra Lamy remained wiser and chose her daughter.

Moreover, like the American actor, Franck Dubosck must also face many criticisms. He then explained: “The more we are loved, the less we are loved. There are always people who don’t like us. »

One thing is certain, Brad Pitt has not finished making the world jealous. It seems then have many projects in mind. To be continued.