Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fight over French castle, custody

It’s been five years since Angelina Jolie shocked the world by filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, and the former power couple don’t seem close to resolving their legal differences.

The messy custody dispute for Pitt and Jolie continues, with the Oscar-winning actress blaming the Once upon a time in hollywood star looking for special treat at a store this week. In another row in court, plaintiffs are fighting over their $ 164 million French property as Jolie has reportedly sought to sell her stake in Chateau Miraval under Pitt.

Here is the latest news on all the Brangelina drama.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are fighting in court in more countries now. (Photo: Getty Images)

The custody dispute continues

Pitt’s lawyers want the California Supreme Court to overturn a decision to fire the private judge overseeing the couple’s custody fight. Jolie’s legal team responded to documents obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, stating: “This type of game, a desperate effort by a celebrity in search of special treatment, is not what this limited review resource needs. Court ”.

Jolie and Pitt have fought for custody of five of their six children: Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and 13-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. (Maddox, 20, is not a minor.) After the actor was given more time in a victory earlier this year, Jolie managed to get the private judge, Judge Ouderkirk, to be deported from the case. Now Pitt’s legal team is having issues with the appointed interim judge.

“We are seeking a reconsideration in the California Supreme Court because the interim judge, who had been repeatedly appointed and renewed by both parties, was improperly disqualified after rendering a detailed and factual custody decision, as a result of “a long legal process with several witnesses and experts,” attorney Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., partner of Gibson Dunn, told Yahoo Entertainment.

“The lower court ruling will reward parties who lose custody cases and bond their gambling ability, allowing them to wait and see the likely direction of the case before seeking the judge’s ban. for disqualification will cause irreparable damage both to the children and families involved in this case, and to other families in other cases, unnecessarily prolonging the resolution of these disputes in a strategy already The strategy will deprive parents of a irreplaceable time with their children because judges are disqualified for minor reasons in the middle of their cases, ”he continues.

“Nothing in the memory of the opposition calls into question the urgent need for a California Supreme Court review, nor does the opposition address or refute the important fact that the lower court’s decision is prejudicial to the children and detrimental to the overload of the California court system, ”the statement concludes.

So what happens next?

Celebrity divorce lawyer Christophe Melcher, who counts Kanye West among his clients, tells Yahoo what the latest deposit means and how he would recommend superstars.

“In submissions to the California Supreme Court, Angelina’s attorney says Brad twists the facts and is ‘a celebrity in litigation seeking special treatment…’ There is no evidence of this ”Said Melcher. founding partner of Walzer Melcher family law. “Brad wanted Judge Ouderkirk to rule on his request for more time with the couple’s children, which Angelina objected to. When Judge Ouderkirk ruled against her, Angelina had the judge removed from office. It was okay. according to the court of appeal, but delays the resolution of the dispute for five years between the parties. Custody decisions will have to be retried with a new judge, unless Brad can convince the California Supreme Court to keep Judge Ouderkirk in office.

Melcher has had his fair share of high-profile divorces and believes that “this level of struggle can’t be good for the kids”.

“Any benefit that can be gained from a prolonged custody battle must be weighed against the harm caused to children by that battle. I can’t imagine how worth it, ”he adds.

Children aren’t the only thing Brangelina doesn’t agree with…

New court documents detail the couple’s feud over Chateau Miraval, the award-winning vineyard where Pitt and Jolie said ‘yes’ in 2014.

The French estate is owned and controlled by Quimicum, of which Pitt and Jolie own. When Quimicum shares were initially purchased in 2008, ownership was split 60-40, with Mondo Bongo de Pitt as the majority shareholder. In 2013, he agreed to transfer 10 percent of the shares to Jolie’s LLC, Nouvel, to make it a uniform division.

Documents claim that Nouvel was not acting in the “best interests” of Quimicum. Jolie is accused of attempting to sell her stake for a profit without giving Pitt the option to buy it back – and is said to be required to give Mondo Bongo the right of first refusal.

A source close to the litigation tells Yahoo that Pitt and his associates are the ones investing time and money in the success of Chateau Miraval and that Jolie is looking to cash in on their hard work.

“This is another example of this person trying to evade the rules and evade their obligations,” adds the insider.

Legal action has been filed in Luxembourg to reverse the transfer and restore Quimicum’s respective holdings to 60-40. Pitt’s team argues that the 2013 transfer should be considered void under Luxembourg law as it was made at a token price of EUR 1, which did not reflect the fair value of the shares.

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