Bivol’s journey who began watching Jackie Chan and Van Damme and became world champion. | DAZN News Mexico

Dmitry Bivol’s first visit to a boxing gym was enough for the Russian to fall in love with the sport and quit karate. At that time he was only 5 years old.

“In the 90s I watched a lot of popular movies by Jackie Chan or Jean Claude Van Damme and I wanted to fight like them, I asked my family to send me to karate and they took me, but after a few months, they took me to boxing. And I fell in love. I fell in love with boxing because boxing was more popular and they had more competitions… plus I like fighting with my hands a lot more,” said the now 31-year-old fighter.

Bivol is the current WBA light heavyweight super champion and this Saturday he will be challenged by the Mexican and pound-for-pound king, Saúl Álvarez, in a duel that will be broadcast worldwide by DAZN.

For Bivol, being able to measure himself against the most important fighter of the moment is a challenge that he had been asking for for years, since he has the desire to prove himself big.

“I am confident because I am one of the best light heavyweights, if you don’t trust your abilities, you will never win, you will not achieve anything. You have to trust your abilities without talking too much about how great you are, you just believe in yourself, ”said the fighter during a round table with the media after the official entrance to the MGM, which kicked off the fight week.

“Of course I want to be the undisputed champion, Canelo is undisputed and for that I respect him too. A good fighter has to have a good dream like being undisputed, this is also my dream, of course I want all the titles, but right now I only think about my title”.

“I will not have much respect for (Canelo). I respect him as my last rival, he has achieved too much. He hits hard, but he is my rival. He respects him, but he is my enemy.”

“I am happy, I have a great journey in boxing, because I remember boxing since I was five years old and now I am in Las Vegas and now I am going to fight here. I’m glad to hear it. I think that boxing from such a young age was not so good for me, because when I graduated they told me that the ideal age to start was 11-12 years old because children only have fun, but I also had fun in the gym. I remember myself as a boy, boxing and now everything is going to bear fruit”, he concluded.

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Bivol’s journey who began watching Jackie Chan and Van Damme and became world champion. | DAZN News Mexico