bitch | Page Six: Jennifer Garner Was The One To Pick Affleck Time and Time Again

In our next podcast, coming out tomorrow morning (subscribe, we’re Gossip with Celebitchy), Kaiser and I talk about something we haven’t discussed much yet – that Ben Affleck doesn’t seem sober in his recent interviews. I watched him on Kimmel and saw clips from his interview with Howard Stern. He curses his words, his eyes are half closed and you can tell he’s on to something. It is very possible that it is simply cooked. Recreational marijuana is absolutely legal in California. If so, Affleck is not at Seth Rogen’s level where he can smoke / vape all day and speak clearly and understandably. A key part of his job is giving interviews to promote his work, and he’s doing badly, as the controversy over his quotes to Howard Stern shows.

While some people have defended Affleck’s quotes to Stern, he really said these things. He said other glowing things about Garner, to be fair. Of course, that was part of a larger conversation, but the way he handled the fallout wasn’t great. Garner handled her divorce and Affleck’s ongoing substance abuse issues so gracefully. He cheated on her with their nanny in 2015 and he cheated on her with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus. She still arranged for a procedure and literally took him to rehab after resuming drinking in 2018. Garner was silent about Affleck half blaming her for her drinking problem. Someone gave Page Six quotes on how she might be feeling, which is understandably pissed off.

Now, sources around the actress are furious that Affleck has expressed his frustrations over their marriage to Howard Stern this week – and blamed their problems for his alcoholism.

“It’s disgusting,” said an industry insider who is familiar with Affleck and Garner of the actor’s comments. “Jen was the one to pick it up over and over again when he did horrible things – fell off the wagon or worse.

“Jen supported him because she loves him. She is the mother of his children.

Another well-placed source told Page Six: “Anyone who knows about addict behavior knows how bogus these comments can be for any addict, but especially Ben. It is one of AA’s first principles not to blame your illness.

To Garner’s friends, Affleck’s new comments echo the despicable speech he gave when he accepted the Oscar for Best Picture for directing “Argo” in 2013.

“I want to thank you for working on our wedding for 10 Christmases,” Affleck said from the podium. ” Its good. It’s work, but it’s the best kind of work. And there is no one I prefer to work with!

[From Page Six]

I’m glad they mentioned Ben’s compliment to him during his Oscar speech. It was so rude! I think the Page Six sources are just gossip like us, because we covered it in the Celebitchy Zoom and came to the same conclusion about Garner. People have so much more sympathy for her now that Ben is stepping into it. Ben blames other people and situations for his drinking when he is the common denominator. Plus, Garner has helped him so much! This is probably the reason he got sober, not the other way around. Who is he going to blame for everything that’s going on with him now? He blamed J.Lo, for years, for his career collapse after Gigli. He spirals again and self-sabotages again, just like his model.

Garner and Affleck are shown outside together on 912, ahead of the interview release. The photos of her with the mug are from 12/15. The photos of the car are from 2018. Credit: Backgrid



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bitch | Page Six: Jennifer Garner Was The One To Pick Affleck Time and Time Again