Billy Zane wants to revisit The Phantom in a Legacy sequel

Could we one day see a sequel to The ghost? If Billy Zane had to do what he wanted, then we most definitely would. In 1996, Zane starred in The ghost, a film based on the comic character of the same name created by Lee Falk. Directed by Simon Wincer, the film also starred Treat Williams, Kristy Swanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and James Remar.

Maybe a little ahead of its time, The ghost bombed in theaters because 1996 was not a time when superhero movies were as popular as they are today. Over the next several years, the film became a cult following with its home video releases. Now that there has been a superhero movie boom that has overtaken Hollywood, Billy Zane sees this as the perfect time to revisit The ghost. In fact, as the actor recently told, he considers The Phantom the role from his past he most wants to revisit, perhaps with a legacy sequel where he passes the torch. VIDEO OF THE DAY

“To be honest, a return of Phantom would be quite interesting. 20 years later, it’s a father-to-son affair and a bit of a transfer. And I dug him because he didn’t have any superpowers, really. It was just a little superhuman. Again, this moral compass could be a good reminder. So right out of the comic book universe, I’d say this character would be a hoot. ”

In The ghost,  » Billy Zane (Titanic) take on the role of the Ghost in this thrilling action game based on one of the most successful comic book series of all time! The story begins as an expedition lands on Bengalla Island, in search of the legendary Touganda skulls. It is believed that they harness an energetic force of untold power, the skulls could spell disaster for mankind. And that’s exactly what ruthless mogul Xander Drax (Treat Williams) has in mind… unless a man can save him. Now evil has met its equal and the great cinematic adventure has a new name – The Phantom! ”

Billy Zane had originally signed on to star in two of the film’s sequels, but those plans were scrapped when The ghost underperformed at the box office. In 2008, there were rumors of a new sequel that evolved into reboot plans, but this iteration of the project was never successful. Another reboot nearly happened in 2014 when it was reported that producer Mark Gordon was developing a new adaptation, but as with previous attempts, that film never saw the light of day.

The ghost 2 could ultimately occur given the factors that seem to tip in its favor. It certainly helps that Billy Zane is so impatient to sign, as legacy sequels have become both trendy and very profitable in recent years. The film’s continued popularity with its cult fans, coupled with the craze for superhero films, may also help the odds for the sequel. Add the fact that Paramount is looking to bolster its Paramount + subscription service with exclusive content, and all the right ingredients seem to be there to make it happen.

If you want to go back and check it out The ghost, the film is currently airing on Paramount +.

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Billy Zane wants to revisit The Phantom in a Legacy sequel