Billy Crystal believes Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock was ‘assault’

Billy CrystalIn addition to being one of the most famous comedians and actors in the world of cinema, he was also one of the most expert presenters and veterans of conducting a ceremony like the scars. The actor, who has presented the awards of the hollywood academy nine times, believes that Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rockfor which he is already paying professionally, was really disturbing and sad. Crystal, who has spoken on the show Back on the Record on HBO Max, has expressed his opinion on the eve of the punishment of the Academy to the actor.

An action that describes aggression and unfortunate for Hollywood

Will Smith should have been the lead because of his statuette as the best actor for The Williams Method, congratulating himself on getting the award for which he had aspired so much in previous decades. However, following a joke by Chris Rock about his wife’s alopecia, I decided to go on stage and hit the presenter. “That was an assault”, Crystal explained. The humorist has described the slap as something very hard to see in a gala of these characteristics. “I think it was a highly disturbing“, he continues.

“I have experience in these matters; I have presented the Grammys three times and things have been thrown at me,” he concludes. The interpreter, a humorist who has ever gotten into something for his pranks and jokes, has expressed his opinion before the Board of Governors of the Hollywood Academy issued its judgment, scheduled for today, April 8, in relation to to the measures that Will Smith will face for his actors.

“I think it was a highly disturbing incident”

The interpreter of Men in Blackwho has entered a clinic for celebrities, decided to leave the Academy on his own, but could never be invited or nominated for a gala again and even see how his scar is withdrawn to an unprecedented extent. Soon we will leave doubts.

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Billy Crystal believes Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock was ‘assault’