Bill Murray, victim of a crypto theft: they take 182,000 euros in ether raised for charity

A new robbery has been committed in the universe of cryptocurrencies. On this occasion, the victim is none other than actor Bill Murray, known for films like The Ghostbusters Y Caught in time. Specifically, the thieves have seized the 119.2 ether (more than 182,000 euros) that the interpreter had raised at a charity auction for the non-profit organization Chive Charities.

Hackers have also attempted to take several NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from Murray’s personal collection, including two CryptoPunk. According to GoBankingRatesthese digital files are among the most coveted, with prices ranging between 76,600 euros and 1 million euros in ether. The NTFs in question could not be stolen because the NFT consultant Project Venkman, in charge of the security of Murray’s virtual wallet, intervened in time.

The actor has already reported the theft and is working with Chainalysis to identify the thief, as published CNBC. As for the hard-earned money, it seems unlikely that it will recover, given that cryptocurrency transactions are usually irreversible. However, a Coinbase user has replaced the amount lost with a donation of more than 182,000 euros in ether for Chive Charities.

Bill Murray is not the only celebrity who has been the victim of a hack. Last May, the actor and producer Seth Green suffered the theft of four Bored Ape NFTs via phishing scam. Bored Ape NFTs have become one of the main targets of criminals due to their popularity and price. Since the launch of the collection in June 2021, the theft of over 140 Bored Ape NFTs valued at €13 millionaccording to Web3 security company Immunefi.


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Bill Murray, victim of a crypto theft: they take 182,000 euros in ether raised for charity