Bill Murray: the actor targeted by multiple accusations

In an interview with the American site Variety, Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) denounced Bill Murray’s violent behavior towards him. A charge to add to all those aimed at the 72-year-old actor in recent months.

It doesn’t stop anymore. In an interview with the American site variety, Seth Green (Buffy against the vampires) returned to the violent behavior of Bill Murray towards him on the set of the comedy show Saturday Night Live, when he was only 9 years old. Seth Green explains that the actor, now 72 years old, did not appreciate seeing him sitting in a sofa that he considered reserved for him during his stay in the program. Annoyed by the child’s refusal to get up, Bill Murray grabbed him by the feet, turned him over, and put him in a trash can.

“Trash goes to trash,” he told me. And I was screaming, and I was throwing my arms at him, I was struggling, I kicked his genitals. He threw me into the trash can, which overturned. I was terrified. I fled, I hid under a table in my dressing room, and I started to cry”, confides the actor.

Other complaints in recent months

This story adds to the many testimonies against Bill Murray that have been piling up in recent months. In her recently published memoir, comedian Geena Davis recounted the actor’s inappropriate behavior on the set of “Quick Change”, his proposal to end up in a hotel room, or his attempt to try a machine of massage on her despite her refusal. She also lamented her behavior during an interview they gave together on the ‘Arsenio Hall Show,’ where Bill Murray stroked her arm and knocked the strap of her dress off her shoulder as she spoke. .

Last April, the filming of the movie “Being Mortal” was suspended after accusations from an employee much younger than him. The latter allegedly kissed her and had inappropriate contact with her, leaving her “horrified” after interpreting his intention as “entirely sexual”. The young woman had filed a complaint against the 72-year-old actor. According to the American site Deadline, an agreement was recently reached, Bill Murray having paid him 100,000 dollars to put an end to the lawsuits. “I did something that I thought was funny, and it wasn’t interpreted that way,” the comedian explained in an interview with the American channel. CNBC after filing the complaint.

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Bill Murray: the actor targeted by multiple accusations