Big Lebowski actor John Goodman shows 90kg weight loss at premiere

Big Lebowski and 10 Cloverfield Lane star John Goodman showed off his 90kg weight loss by walking the red carpet on Monday.

He went to the Los Angeles premiere of The Freak Brothers with a very slim physique draped in an orange sweater, shirt, jeans and jacket.

The Hollywood actor’s weight loss journey began in 2007, but has never followed a consistent path until now.

John Goodman / Credit: PA

According to Page Six, John, 69, said, “It used to be that I would take three months off, lose 60 or 70 pounds, then reward myself with a six-pack or whatever and just go back to my old ways.

“This time I wanted to do it slowly – move, exercise.

“I am getting to the age where I can no longer afford to sit still. “

After he started losing weight in 2007, he wavered between eating healthy and eating unhealthy.

He decided to change his lifestyle for good when his body weight reached around 181 kg.

The animated film actor who appeared in cult classic The Emperor’s New Groove got sober and hired famous personal trainer Mackie Shilstone.

Part of that change involved adopting a Mediterranean-style diet consisting of fish, olive oil, vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

He also made it his mission to walk at least 10 to 12,000 steps each day.

John told People, “It takes a lot of creative energy to sit on your butt and figure out what you’re going to eat next.

“I wanted to live life better. “

John Goodman / Credit: PA
John Goodman / Credit: PA

John claimed it was all down to “portion control” and the ability to recognize when food was excessive or necessary, according to Page Six.

He said his previous diet involved putting everything in his mouth without giving it much thought.

PT Machie confirmed that the transformation is part of an ongoing process with lasting results.

Monday’s premiere wasn’t the first time we’ve seen John’s crazy change in body image.

He also participated in the premiere of Trumbo in 2015 after losing 45 kg.

No wonder he looked so comfortable on Monday’s red carpet with co-stars Pete Davidson and Blake Anderson.

According to IMDB, John grew up with a waitress mother and a postman father who died when he was little.

He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1993 for his performance in the television series Roseanne, in which he played Dan Conner.

He has contributed to over 50 films and has hosted the hit American comedy show Saturday Night Live 14 times.

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Big Lebowski actor John Goodman shows 90kg weight loss at premiere