Beyoncé celebrated the 4th birthday of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter

Beyoncé shared on his networks his wishes for happiness for his twins, Rumi and Sir, who were celebrating their 4th anniversary..

“The time flies…, this is a phrase that all parents repeat to each other on their children’s birthday. And that’s also what must have said Beyoncé this Sunday, June 13 when she celebrated the 4 years of her son and daughter, the twins Rumi et Sir. A birthday of which the mother is not a little proud, she who shared on her official website a cute message testifying to all the love she has for her children: “What is better than 1 gift… 2. Happy Birthday Rumi et Sir”. And while Jay-Z and Bee have long kept their babies away from networks and the media, in March Queen B had, for the 1st times, publicly shared pictures of her 3 children on Instagram. Photos taken during a meal at the famous Japanese restaurant, Nobu, located at Malibu in California. For his part, Jay-Z explained in 2017 during an interview with Rap Radar, the reasons that prompted him and his wife to call their “twins” so :Rumi is our favorite poet, so we chose this for our daughter […] And for Sir (“Sir” in English), it was like, homie, he came in through the front door. He takes care of himself, like a man, he just came straight in as Sir Carter ”.

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Beyoncé ? A mother fulfilled by her 3 children

Despite their super busy billionaire agendas, the couple still manage to make sense of things and have remained present for their children. Moreover Blue Evy began to collaborate with her parents, between her participation in the last campaign Ivy Park (the brand of Beyoncé in collab ‘with Adidas, whose name is a tribute to her daughter), to the clip of Spirit or to the song Brown Skin Girl. The speech of Beyoncé during the 2021 edition of Grammy Awards, which took place in March. That night, Beyoncé had first become the most awarded female artist at Grammy’s in history, and was also awarded theaward of the Best clip for the title Brown Skin Girl (in which the young girl therefore participated): “It really is a magical evening, thank you very much. I know my daughter is watching (Blue Ivy) […] My 2 daughters and my son, they all watch. Blue ! Congratulations, she won a Grammy tonight. I am proud of you, and proud to be your mother, your mother to all 3. You are my babies, and I am really proud of you ”. Here is a particularly fulfilled mother!