Saturday, December 18, 2021

updated on Saturday, December 18, 2021

Beyoncé, at 40, the singer reveals her belly and her shapes with an outfit (which you can purchase)

More active than ever on social networks, Beyoncé this time arouses the interest of Internet users by molding herself in a highly rewarding sports outfit, accompanied by her two daughters who have grown up! And here is the shopping link to get you the same clothes.

Mom star of twins Rumi and Sir 4 years, then Blue Ivy Carter 9 years old, the American singer is at the heart of the news. At the head of the new campaign Tiffany & Co alongside her husband Jay-Z, but also with the project of interpreting the hit of the film based on Serena and Venus Williams, or even more unexpectedly, that of creating her own honey farm, Beyoncé does not know the rest.

Conversely, the sublime quarantine has been alongside global success since her beginnings as a leader of the Destiny’s Child, until continuing her solo career to which she made us loyal.

Beyoncé, ultra-sexy and bewitching at 40

This time, it is on a completely different register that Beyoncé adds an additional string to her bow, by signing a fashion collaboration, with the giant Adidas. The name of this union fashion ? « Halls of Ivy “, That the 40-year-old woman did not fail to praise the merits on her account Instagram to its 224 million subscribers.

What sparked fans’ appeal for the Pop and R’n’b star? One total look patterned with houndstooth and pied-de-coq – which is also differentiated by the size of the prints – born from the close collaboration with the sports equipment manufacturer and its brand of sportswear Ivy Park, launched in 2016.

And it is with a tapered corset-style bralette, loose-fit jogging-style pants, immaculate sneakers, and a coordinated blazer jacket with shoulder pads that Beyoncé appeared, more radiant than ever. A sportswear elegant, which redefines the notion of chic, and which proves that the two terms are not incompatible. And it is with his two daughters that BeyoncéKnowles took the pose in trio. A family affair which shows that the succession is assured on the style side, and on the notoriety side, as evidenced by the various comments posted by Internet users under these series of pictures. «  Destiny’s child tremble face à ce trio» or ” Beyoncé holding Beyoncé with the other Beyoncé To underline the striking resemblance to his daughters.

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