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Sing, dance, play, Jennifer Lopez can do it all. The pop culture icon was responsible for such incredible hits as ‘On The Floor’, ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ and ‘Jenny from the Block’. But while J.Lo is arguably best known for her music career, she described acting as the true love of her life (via US Magazine). In fact, it was Lopez’s starring role in Selena that launched her to stardom and preceded her debut album.

Although Lopez has explored a variety of different film genres, she has always had her place in the comedy genre. From action comedies like Money Train to rom-coms like Marry Me, Lopez has proven to be an incredibly endearing on-screen presence. It’s no surprise that she continued to land comedic roles, including the lead role in Prim Video’s Shotgun Wedding. Without further ado, here are Jennifer Lopez’s best comedy movies, ranked.

8/8 What to expect when you are pregnant

Lions Gate

What to Expect When You’re Pregnant featured the lives of five couples navigating the difficult challenges of parenthood. After being unable to conceive a child, Lopez’s character, Holly Castillo, made the decision to adopt a boy from abroad. But to Holly’s surprise, her husband Alex wasn’t exactly ready to be a father. What to Expect When You’re Waiting had a star-studded cast that included Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks, but Lopez was in for some of the funniest and most impactful moments in the movie.

7/8 Monster in law

New line cinema

In 2005, Lopez led the cast of Monster-in-Law as Charlie Cantilini. She came into conflict with Viola Fields (Jane Fonda), who feared losing her son and sought to annul her son and Charlie’s marriage. It was an interesting dynamic for a romantic comedy, allowing for absolute chaos. Monster-in-Law wasn’t without its flaws, but its over-the-top nature proved well-suited to a comedy. The audience could laugh and savor the fact that they didn’t have to go through what Charlie had to go through.

6/8 The wedding planner

Sony Pictures

Starring Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, The Wedding Planner certainly wasn’t the best-received romantic comedy ever made. He, however, continued to be loved by fans who have enjoyed watching the film since 2001. Lopez played Mary Fiore, the titular wedding planner, with all sorts of mischief resulting from planning the wedding of the man for whom she felt affection. Those who were able to look past the predictable plot found a heartwarming film that didn’t take itself too seriously.

5/8 Shall we dance?


Shall we dance? focused on John Clark, a successful lawyer who apparently had it all. He finally realized there was something missing in his life, discovering a love for dancing through the beautiful Paulina (Lopez). With the word “dance” prominently featured in the title, it was fortunate that the film excelled in the dance department. Apart from the music and the dance, it’s really the comedy that helped fuel the film.

4/8 Home

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks cast Lopez as the voice of Lucy Tucci for their 2015 animated adventure Home. Lucy was the mother of Tip (voiced by Rihanna), a teenage girl who befriended a purple alien and an outcast social, Oh. Home succeeded as an animated comedy by embracing its playful elements, while being sweet and heartwarming. The film tells a simple story of friendship that emotionally touches viewers of all ages.

3/8 Marry me

Universal images

Released in early 2022, Marry Me was a straightforward rom-com released at a time when Hollywood hardly ever makes new rom-coms. The film followed a pop star named Kat Valdez (Lopez), who was to marry her fiancé on stage. After discovering that her fiancé had been having an affair, Kat chose instead to marry someone from the mob, math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson).

While Marry Me certainly had the silliness and cheesiness that may turn off some viewers, it was also sweet, lighthearted, and funny. Those looking for a super original comedy couldn’t find it in Marry Me, but the film accomplished just about everything it set out to do. Besides that, Marry Me also featured a decent soundtrack.

2/8 scammers

STX Entertainment

Lopez not only starred in Hustlers, she also co-produced the film through her company Nuyorican Productions. Centered on a crew of New York exotic dancers taking money from the Wall Street elite, Hustlers was both effective drama and comedy. The cast was excellent, bringing together Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and even artists Lizzo and Cardi B. Hustlers was recognized for its thoughtful script and solid performances, but it also brought a much-needed female perspective with Lorene Scafaria in the chair. of the director.

1/8 out of sight

Universal images

Out of Sight was a highlight of Lopez’s film career. The film had an impressive cast, featuring Lopez alongside George Clooney, Ving Rhames and Don Cheadle. An R-rated crime drama from the late 90s, Out of Sight masterfully blended comedy with action and romance. Lopez was perfect as U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco and had great on-screen chemistry with Clooney. Crisp, witty dialogue, an engaging plot, and plenty of elegant charm made Out of Sight very enjoyable to watch.

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Best Jennifer Lopez Comedies, Ranked | Pretty Reel